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A small carrot and potato farm.

Farming refers to the systematic production of renewable resources. It is usually used to get blocks, food, experience and more things. Specific types of farming include:

Mob Farming[edit]

Animal Farming
Using wheat, seeds, and carrots to breed animals, to be slaughtered for their products or used in egg, milk, or wool Farming.
Hostile Mob Farming
Creating spawn rooms for hostile mobs, to be killed for their drops.
Villager Farming
Farming villagers requires you to have enough beds and job site blocks for each villager for them to breed.
Guardian Farming
Farming guardians by funneling them to a concentrated area for materials and/or xp.
Iron farming
Farming Iron Golems by creating a village with job site blocks, beds, and a Plaza for talking for villagers. Also, you need to get Villagers, about 200 for best design.
Pillager Farming
Farming Pillagers have a chance for them dropping their crossbow, which can be enchanted depending on the Pillager, emeralds can be dropped, and from Pillager Captains, the Ominous Banner
Drowned Farming
A means to obtain tridents and nautilus shells as well as the usual zombie drops, except replace Iron Ingots for Gold Ingots
Slime Farming
A means to obtain slimeballs

Experience Farming[edit]

Spawner Farming
Waiting at an active monster spawner for monsters to spawn. This includes mobs that do not spawn naturally without the use of spawners, notably cave spiders.

Food Farming[edit]

Wheat, Carrot, Potato, and Beetroot Farming
Farming wheat, carrots, potatoes, and beetroots, the four staple food crops.
Pumpkin and Melon Farming
Farming pumpkins and melons.

Block Farming[edit]

Cactus Farming
Farming cactus for green dye or traps.
Cobblestone Farming
Creating a stone or cobblestone generator for self-repairing shelters or harvesting.
Obsidian Farming
Creating an obsidian generator for obsidian intensive builds.
Ice farming
Farming ice using a self-refilling rink.
Pumpkin Farming
Farming pumpkins for use in pumpkin pie, jack o'lanterns or golems.
Vine Farming
Farming vines for use instead of ladders, for decoration or to be used to craft mossy stone bricks or mossy cobblestone.
Tree Farming
Farming trees for wood, saplings, apples, or charcoal.
Mycelium Farming
Farming mycelium for decoration.
Kelp Farming
Farming kelp.

Item Farming[edit]

Bone Meal Farming
Farming Bone meal by adding the farm to the end of another farm.
Iron Farming
Farming iron ingots by killing iron golems spawned in large villages.
Gold Farming
Farming gold nuggets by killing zombie pigmen which spawn in the Nether or near Nether portals in the Overworld.
Egg Farming
Farming eggs for use in cake, pumpkin pie or creating chickens.
Cocoa bean farming
Farming cocoa beans for use in cookies or creating brown wool.
Mushroom Farming
Farming mushrooms for use in mushroom stew or creating huge mushrooms.
Nether Wart Farming
Farming nether wart for use in brewing.
Snow Farming
Trapping a snow golem and digging the snow it produces.
Sugar Cane Farming
Farming sugar canes to make paper, which can be traded for emeralds as well as a crafting ingredient for books (and subsequently bookshelves); and sugar, which is required for cake, pumpkin pie, and brewing potions of swiftness.
Chorus Fruit Farming
Farming chorus fruit for food and popped chorus fruit, which makes purpur blocks.
Fish farming
Farming fish, experience and other items by fishing with the use of a fishing rod.
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