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Minecraft’s user environment can be configured through the Options setting. A few additional options can only be changed by editing the options.txt file manually.

Java Edition[edit]


Selecting Options brings up the main options page:

Option Description
FOV Controls how much of the game world is visible on the screen. Also known as Field of View. Ranges from 30° to 110° (Quake Pro)
Difficulty Set the difficulty level from the choice of Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard. If the padlock is clicked and confirmed, the difficulty on that world cannot be changed without commands. (Note that the difficulty cannot be changed if playing Hardcore Mode. On a server, difficulty can only be changed by commands or editing the server.properties file.)

Skin customization[edit]

Skin Customization Setting Description
Cape Toggles the cape. If set to off, the cape texture for wearing a pair of Elytra would also be deactivated.
Jacket Toggles the body second layer.
Left Sleeve Toggles the left arm second layer.
Right Sleeve Toggles the right arm second layer.
Left Pants Leg Toggles the left leg second layer.
Right Pants Leg Toggles the right leg second layer.
Hat Toggles the head second layer.
Main Hand Switches the main hand, between left and right. Right is default.

Music & sounds[edit]

Sound Setting Description
Master Volume The volume of all sounds.
Music The volume of gameplay music.
Weather The volume of rain and thunder.
Hostile Creatures The volume of hostile and neutral mobs.
Players The volume of players.
Jukebox/Noteblocks The volume of music and sounds played from Jukeboxes and Note Blocks.
Blocks The volume of blocks (anvils, chests, doors, etc.).
Friendly Creatures The volume of passive mobs.
Ambient/Environment The volume of cave sounds and fireworks.
Voice/Speech The volume of speech in Minecraft (for map makers)

Video settings[edit]

Video Setting Description
  • Fancy enables higher quality graphic effects. Graphic effects include transparent leaves, increased rain particles, a black vignette around the screen in darker areas, and the world border red warning vignette effect.
  • Fast disables those effects for better performance.
Render Distance The render distance controls how many chunks of the world are visible at once. The fewer chunks that are included, the faster each frame can be rendered, resulting in a higher FPS. In single-player, this also affects the number of chunks that are ticked, so a lower value will provide a higher TPS.

The most distant terrain is faded into the sky color as if by fog, to avoid a sharp edge to the visible world; so this option is also known as "fog".

On 64-bit Java installs, this option defaults to 12; on 32-bit installs it defaults to 8. The maximum value is 32 for 64-bit Java installs with at least 1 gigabyte of memory, and 16 in all other cases.

Note: diameter = radius × 2 + 1

Smooth Lighting Lighting is smoothed across the blocks (ambient occlusion), or each block has a distinctive light level. This setting does not change the gameplay in any way, but it has a slight effect on performance.
Max Framerate Limits the FPS. Limiting the framerate to a multiple of your monitor's refresh rate can save processing power.
View Bobbing Toggles the "bobbing" motion of the camera as the player is walking. Disabling it may increase performance.
GUI Scale Controls the GUI (Graphical User Interface) scale. This also controls the HUD (Heads Up Display) size. Note that the options available to you depend on your game resolution: it will only go up to 4 if you are playing on 1080p, for example.
  • Fancy causes the clouds to be rendered in 3D.
  • Fast causes the clouds to be rendered flat.
  • OFF causes no clouds to be rendered.
Brightness Dims down or lights up the game's surfaces, even if fully dark. It has no effect on gameplay, it is only a visual effect. Works in any dimension and affects the Night Vision status effect.
Particles Allows particles effects such as sprinting particles, falling particles and particles from lava and water drips. Block breaking particles are not affected. In "Minimal" particle setting, rain is silent and hearts appearing around mobs in Love Mode do not appear.
Fullscreen Puts Minecraft into Fullscreen mode, keeping it off keeps it in a window. Can also be changed with F11.
Use VSync Limits your frames per second to the screen's refresh rate, which is usually 60 Hz, 75 Hz on some CRT screens, or 120 to 144 Hz on some gaming-targeted screens. Enabling VSync fixes tearing, but increases input latency and causes stuttering if one's computer cannot draw enough frames per second.
Mipmap Levels The higher the level, the more the textures look "smooth".
Use VBOs Toggles vertex buffer objects. As of 18w44a[upcoming 1.14], VBOs are always used, and as such, this is no longer an option.
Entity Shadows Determines whether entities will display simple shadows.
Attack Indicator
  • OFF No attack indicator renders.
  • Crosshair A little gray translucent bar appears below the crosshair displaying attack power.
  • Hotbar A little gray sword bar appears on the side of the hotbar (on the same side as the player's main hand) displaying attack power.
Fullscreen Resolution Sets the resolution of the game when playing in fullscreen.
Biome Blend Sets a radius for all biomes.


From the main Options page, one can click down to Controls for configuring keyboard controls. There are a few additional settings:

Video Setting Description
Invert Mouse Whether the mouse should be inverted vertically.
Sensitivity Mouse sensitivity factor.
Touchscreen mode Enables touchscreen mode, which makes buttons react properly to multiple mouse-down events.
Auto-Jump Enables automatically jumping when you pass near a wall.


Allows you to change the language that is viewed by your client.

Option Description
Force Unicode font ON Unicode Font.
OFF Ascii font

Chat settings[edit]

Option Description
Chat Shown enables your ability to see the chat on a server.
Commands Only allows you to only see the output of commands in the chat.
Hidden hides the chat on all servers.
Colors ON allows you to see the chat in many different colors.
OFF disables this function and only allows you to see the chat in a light gray color.
Web Links ON allows you to see URLs and other links in the chat.
OFF disables this function and blocks all URLs and other links.
Opacity The opacity of the chat.
Prompt on Links ON forces a prompt to appear on your screen whenever you click on a URL to makes sure that you wish to exit Minecraft and head to the website.
OFF turns the prompt off.
Scale How large the chat is shown.
Focused Height The max height that the chat is allowed to appear when in focus (chat input and history open).
Unfocused Height The max height that the chat is allowed to appear normally (chat input and history closed).
Width The max width that the chat may appear.
Reduced Debug Info Toggles reduced information on the debug screen.

Server options[edit]

Option Description
Server Resource Packs Allows Minecraft to download resource packs from the server.

Resource packs[edit]

Allows you to change your resource pack settings.

Snooper settings[edit]

Snooper allows Mojang to collect information about your machine to help improve Minecraft by knowing what they can support and where the biggest problems are. All of this information is able to be viewed within the settings page. They promise they won't do anything bad with this data, but if you want to opt out then feel free to toggle it off!

Option Description
Allow Snooper ON enables snooper.
OFF disables snooper.

Bedrock Edition[edit]


Option Description
Username Changes your public username (locked if signed in to Realms; can be changed through Xbox Live).
Sound Volume Choose the level of sound volume.
Difficulty Select difficulty (Total of 4 Difficulties, same as Java Edition).
Third person view Toggles third person view.
Multiplayer Game Allow users to join the server.
Broadcast to LAN Allow local users to join the server.
Broadcast to Xbox Live Allow friends from Xbox Live to the join the server


Option Description
Sensitivity Changes the sensitivity of the camera when turning.
Invert Y-Axis Toggles inversion of camera when looking up/down.
Lefty Toggles the D-pad being on the left/right side of the screen.
Split controls Chooses whether to use the touchscreen to interact throughout the screen or use a crosshair.
Swap Jump and Sneak Chooses whether to swap the position of jump and sneak buttons.
Button size Changes the size of the buttons. Smaller buttons allow extra slots for the hotbar.
Auto Jump Toggles the auto-jump feature.
Keyboard Layout Chooses whether what keyboard layout will be used.
Controller Layout Changes the action of buttons when pressed in a controller.


Option Description
Destroy block (vibrate) Toggles vibration when destroying blocks. (Android only).


Option Description
Brightness Adjusts the brightness of the game.
Render Distance Changes the render distance of the terrain, and also affects the render distance of foliage such as transparent leaves, crops and animated textures. Available in 2-10 sections on the slider, ranging from 5-96 chunks (depending on the device).
FOV Changes the field of view.
View Bobbing Chooses whether to show the bobbing when walking.
Fancy Graphics Toggles fancy graphics.
Note that clouds on fast graphics remain volumetric but become opaque.
Fancy Leaves Toggles transparent leaves.
Particle Render Distance Controls the distance for which particles like TNT explosions can be seen from.
Beautiful skies Toggles the sun, moon, clouds, stars and sky color.
Smooth lighting Toggles smooth lighting.
Animated water Toggles animated texture for water, lava and fire.
Anti Aliasing Toggles the amount of anti aliasing, which smooths the image and removes jagged edges.
  • 2x MSAA
  • 4x MSAA
  • 8x MSAA
Texel Anti Aliasing Applies anti aliasing to the textures withing the blocks, giving them a smoother look.


Option Description
Hide GUI Toggles if the HUD is displayed.
Limit worlds Toggles whether a world is infinite or compressed to a 256x256 block area
(Only available on supported low-end devices).

UI Profile

Changes the game UI style between classic (desktop UI) and Pocket UI.

Legacy Console Edition[edit]

Option Description
Change Skin Allows users to change into a skin of their choosing, provided that it was already bought beforehand.
How To Play Gives the player information on the basics of Minecraft, such as the controls, basic crafting recipes, and how to survive your first night.
Credits Opens the credits.


A few settings are shown.

Video setting Description
Reset to Defaults Resets the controls to their original configuration.
Invert Look Toggles inversion of camera when looking up and down.
Southpaw Toggles a swap of the left and right analog controls.


Pressing "Reset to Defaults" will reset all settings to their original configuration.

Game options[edit]

Video setting Description
Vertical Splitscreen Toggles whether splitscreen should be vertical or horizontal.
Auto Jump Enables automatically jumping when you pass near a wall.
View Bobbing Toggles the "bobbing" motion of the camera as the player is walking.
Flying View Rolling
Hints Toggles whether hints are shown in-game.
Death Messages Toggles whether death messages are shown.
Game Sensitivity The higher the percentage, the more sensitive the controls are.


Video setting Description
Music The volume of gameplay music.
Sound The volume of all sounds.
Cave Sounds Toggles whether cave sounds will play.
Minecart Sounds Toggles whether minecart sounds will play.


Video setting Description
Render Clouds Toggles whether clouds will be rendered.
Custom Skin Animation Toggles whether custom skin animations will render.
Gamma The higher the gamma, the brighter the image.

User interface[edit]

Video setting Description
Display HUD Toggles whether the HUD will be displayed in-game.
Display Hand Toggles whether the hand will be displayed in-game.
Display Game Messages Toggles whether game messages will be shown upon loading a world.
Display Save Icon Toggles whether the save icon will be displayed upon saving the game, whether manually or automatically.
Interface Opacity The opacity of the interface.
In-Game Tooltips Toggles whether tooltips are shown.
Animated Character Toggles whether an animated character will be shown in the top left.
Interface Sensitivity The higher the number, the more sensitive the interface is.
In-Game user's Mii Toggles whether a user's Mii will display as their nickname.‌[Wii U and Nintendo Switch editions only]
Splitscreen Nicknames Toggles whether nicknames will be shown in splitscreen.
Classic Crafting Toggles whether classic crafting will be used.
HUD Size The size of the HUD.
HUD Size (Splitscreen) Same as above, but for splitscreen.

Render distance[edit]

Render distance varies depending on device and the number of players on the same console. Note that the implementation of fog is different on console, giving the appearance of a higher render distance at the cost of pop in.

Console Render distance
1P Mode 2P Mode 3P Mode 4P Mode
PS4 18 chunks 12 chunks 10 chunks 9 chunks
Xbox One
PS3 10 chunks 7 chunks 6 chunks 5 chunks
Xbox 360
Wii U
Switch (Docked)
Switch (Handheld) 7 chunks 5 chunks 4 chunks 3 chunks
PS Vita 5 chunks N/A N/A N/A

Host privileges[edit]

Legacy Console Edition game options screen.

Host Privileges enable players to change world options. It is equivalent to enabling Cheats on the Java/Bedrock/Education Edition. Note: Enabling this option makes achievements and trophies be disabled permanently on the world. Host privileges enable the host to change weather, gamemode, teleport, fly, become invisible, disable exhaustion and change gamerules (daylight and weather cycle, keep inventory, mob spawning, mob griefing).

New Nintendo 3DS Edition[edit]

Option Description
Patch Notes Shows the latest patch notes available
Select Language Allows the user to select the language
Credits Opens the credits


Video setting Description
Sensitivity The higher the bar, the more sensitive the controls are.
Auto Jump Enables automatically jumping when you pass near a wall.
Invert Y-Axis Toggles inversion of camera when looking up and down.


Video setting Description
Brightness The higher the brightness, the brighter the image.
View Bobbing Toggles the "bobbing" motion of the camera as the player is walking.


Video setting Description
Sound Volume The volume of all sounds.
Music The volume of gameplay music.



Java Edition Classic
0.0.12a New fog distance option.
0.0.23a Added the options page.
New custom keymappings.
Java Edition Beta
1.3 Smooth lighting was added.
1.8 ?The Brightness setting was added, teased earlier that July.[1]
Java Edition
1.0.0 Beta 1.9 Prerelease 5 The Clouds setting was added (however, texture packs were able to remove them before this option was introduced).
1.3.1 12w21a The options menu was improved with a new "Chat Settings" menu.
1.4.2 12w34a Added new Full-screen toggle to the Video settings.
Added new use Vsync toggle in the Video settings.
1.4.6 pre Added an option to toggle touchscreen mode.
1.5 13w09b Moved Texture Packs setting from the main menu to the options menu.
1.7.2 13w36a The options menu was revamped, including a brand new layout, new key binds and a "Super Secret Settings" button in the menu.
13w36b The "Super Secret Settings" button now plays a random sound when clicked.
13w38a The "Super Secret Settings" button now creates a shader effect on the game's display, in the following order: FXAA, Art, Bumpy, Blobs_2, Pencil, Color_Convolve, Deconverge, Flip, Invert, NTSC, Outline, Phosphor, Scan_Pincushion, Sobel, Bits, Desaturate, Green, Blur, Wobble, Blobs, Antialias, Default.
Replaced the render distance "cycle" button with a slider ranging from 2 to 16 chunks.
Added a max framerate slider option.
Added mipmapping and anisotropic filtering.
1.7.4 13w47a Added "Twitch Broadcast Settings" and "Twitch Chat Settings" buttons.
1.7.6 pre1 Server Resource Packs option is now per-server, and has three settings: Prompt, Enabled, and Disabled.
The minimum FOV setting is now 30 rather than 70.
1.8 ?The render distance slider now goes to 32 on machines running 64-bit Java with at least 1 gigabyte of available memory.
14w25a Dropped items now always render in 3D, rather then just while on fancy graphics
1.8.1 ?The option to enable entity shadows is now controlled separately from the standard fast and fancy graphics.
The cloud's "fast" and "fancy" shape are controlled by the same option which enables clouds, rather then by the standard fast and fancy graphics.
1.9 15w31a Removed "Super Secret Settings" and "Broadcast Settings".
Removed Alternate Blocks from video settings.
Added "Main Hand" to the skin settings.
15w34a Added "Attack Indicator" to the video settings.
16w02a Added "Voice/Speech" to the music & sound settings.
1.13 17w43a Removed "3D Anaglyph" from video settings.
Added an option to change the full-screen resolution.
17w47a Options when editing a world to make a backup and open the backups folder.
An option in chat settings to toggle automatic command suggestions (defaults on, otherwise hit tab to bring them up).
pre6 Removed "force unicode font" option.
pre8 Re-added "force unicode font" option.
pre10 Option Fullscreen resolution capitalization changed to Fullscreen Resolution.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.14 18w44a Removed "Use VBOs" from video settings. VBOs are now always used.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.2.1 Added split screen option.
0.4.0 Added option for peaceful mode.
0.7.0 Redesigned options menu. There are now four sections in the menu, game, controls, graphics, and sound.
0.8.0 ?Removed option for smooth lighting. It is now always on. When it was reimplemented is unknown.
Added far (256 blocks) and farthest (400 blocks) render distances. Default is now far.
By default, fancy graphics is now on.
0.9.3 View distance on Android is no longer limited to 3 sliders.
0.10.0 ?Added the brightness slider. It is located in the graphics menu.
0.11.0 ?Worlds can now be renamed.
Gamemode can be changed in the world edit menu.
On creative mode worlds the daylight cycle can be locked to day.
0.12.1 ?Added option to swap jump and sneak.
0.13.0 ?Multiplayer can now be disabled in the options menu.
0.13.1 Removed sound section in the options menu. The volume slider is now in the Game section.
On the title screen the options icon is no longer a wrench.
Made the options icon slightly bigger.
0.16.0 build 1 Redesigned options screen.
Pocket Edition
1.0 ?Added an option to change UI profiles between classic and pocket UI.
1.1 ?Classic UI now repositions the health, hunger, oxygen and armor bars to above the hotbar instead of the top of the screen, making it like Java edition and Legacy console edition.

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