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Exploration Update

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Image for the Exploration Update released by Mojang

The Exploration Update is the name for Minecraft version 1.11, a major update released on November 14, 2016.[1]

The official name for the update, the Exploration Update, was revealed on September 24, 2016, during the Opening Ceremony at MineCon 2016.[2] During the "Casual Chat with Jens" panel at Minecon, he suggested that the name "Expedition Update" was more suitable to the theme of the update compared to the "Exploration Update"[3].

The main features of the update were announced on the second day of MineCon 2016, during "The Minecraft 1.11 Change Log" on September 25, 2016.[4] However, snapshots for the update initially began around two months prior to the reveal of the main features, with the features being added in a snapshot just a few days after MineCon.

Mojang released the first (and only) pre-release for the Exploration Update on November 8, 2016.

Notable features[edit | edit source]

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Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Entity IDs, block IDs, block entity IDs, and item IDs are no longer case sensitive. Plus, some names have had underscores added or have been completely rewritten.
  • Lots of changes to NBT tags.
  • Chat messages are now 256 characters long.
  • Various items, such as signs and wooden doors, can now be used as fuel for a furnace.
  • Shields now block 100% of damage dealt in melee combat.

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