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End City
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End Cities, replete with End Ships, Chorus Plants, Chorus Flowers and Purpur blocks. Not all is as it seems, however - some blocks may conceal Shulkers, limpet-like enemies who fire homing rockets. Take a hit and you’ll take damage and experience something new, too: levitation! Elytra are essential to avoid an uncomfortable landing.

Marsh Davies[1]

End cities are skyscraper-like structures found on the outer islands of the End. They are inhabited by shulkers and hold among the most valuable loot in the game.


End cities naturally generate all over the End's outer islands. They can easily be accessed by entering the end gateway portal, but it is possible to cross the gap between the islands in other ways. They will always generate on the large islands, where chorus trees will grow. If the end gateway portal teleports the player to a small island, they will have to get to the nearest large island, either by building or throwing ender pearls.

End cities usually generate in flat, plateau-like areas, in “midlands” or “highlands”, which are found on larger islands. They are considered semi-common or rare, and will generate on random islands. One may find several cities clustered together, or travel for thousands of blocks before finding one.


A view inside an end city tower.
A treasure room with both a regular chest and an ender chest.

End cities consist of tall skyscraper-like towers constructed out of end stone bricks and purpur blocks. An end city may generate as a single tower by itself, or as a sprawling complex of inter-connected towers and pathways branching from a main tower. End rods are the only source of light. Many shulkers spawn around the city, and guard the city’s various treasures. Decorative banners wave at the tops of some towers.

Several types of rooms can be found in an end city, and several different floors, including:

  • Base floors, which are empty floors found at the base of every city; they are three stories tall, with each room wider than the one below it.
  • Banner rooms that have banners hanging on the outside, and a shulker hanging from the ceiling.
  • Small rooms that have nothing in them at all.
  • Large rooms that have complex staircases often leading up to another tower or a loot room.
  • Loot rooms that consist of two chests with valuable loot; some rooms may have an ender chest as well as a normal chest.

There are two types of towers:

  • Small towers that are hollow, consisting only of a single purpur slab staircase.
  • Skyscrapers that consist of a treacherous double spiral staircase made of purpur slabs and end rods; many shulkers will spawn here.
Banners flying on top of a small tower.

End Ship[edit]

End Ship
End Ship.png

The End

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An end ship is a floating, boat-like structure found alongside end cities. It is relatively small, but holds even more valuable treasure than the city itself.


End cities have an 80% chance of generating with an end ship.

When generated, the stern of the ship will always face towards the city and the bow will always face away. It always generates in front of a bridge with a gated arch at the end, from which one can throw an ender pearl to reach the ship.


The end ship is made of end stone bricks and purpur blocks, just like the city’s main towers. It is built similarly to classical pirate ships or Dutch colonial ships. Three shulkers will spawn on the ship; one on the main deck, one behind the stern of the ship, and one in the treasure room.

Main Deck[edit]

The ship's main deck amounts to less than half of the walkable space on the ship. A ladder leads up the mast to an empty crow's nest, about 20 blocks high. There are no sails connected to the mast.

A dragon head sits at the bow of the ship, making this the only way to obtain the dragon head in Survival mode. There are two small staircases on the outside; one that leads up to the empty upper deck, and one that leads to the cabin below.


The aftercastle contains only a brewing stand sitting on a small table, with two Instant Health II potions. Another staircase leads below deck to the ship's "hotspot": the treasure room.

Treasure Room[edit]

The floor of the treasure room is lined with obsidian. There are four small windows on the sides. It contains two loot chests and an item frame holding an elytra, which can be used to fly. A shulker guards the elytra and the two loot chests.


End Stone Bricks
Purpur Block
Purpur Pillar
Purpur Slab
Purpur Stairs
End Rod
Magenta Stained Glass
Ender Chest
Magenta Banner
with Black Chevrons
Item Frame
Brewing Stand
Dragon Head

Technical details[edit]

One may access the individual structures of an End city by utilizing structure blocks to manually load city structures from the structures folder in minecraft.jar. To do so, set a structure block to Load mode, enter end_city/StructureName and press LOAD. The names of these structures and a small description is provided below:

Structure name Description Consists of Images
base_floor A small room with 2 "Sentries" guarding the entrance. Forms the entrance of End cities as well as the "empty rooms" found higher up in the city. 68 Purpur Block,

54 End Stone Bricks,

12 Purpur Pillar,

12 Magenta Stained Glass

2 Purpur Stairs,

2 Shulker

base_roof The roof generated on top of base rooms. 101 Purpur Block,

44 Purpur Stairs,

4 End Rod

bridge_end The small arch that forms the end and start of bridges, pointing towards End ships, or connecting to other rooms. 21 Purpur Block,

1 Purpur Pillar,

3 Purpur Stairs,

3 Purpur Slab,

2End Rod

bridge_gentle_stairs Stairs on a bridge built at a small incline. 42 Purpur Block,

2 Purpur Pillar,

22 Purpur Stairs,

12 Purpur Slab

bridge_piece A straight piece of bridge. 20 Purpur Block,

4 Purpur Pillar,

10 Purpur Stairs

bridge_steep_stairs Stairs on a bridge built at a steep incline. 15 Purpur Block,

2 Purpur Pillar,

24 Purpur Stairs

fat_tower_base The entrance to the large towers. Preceded by an opening with a single slab. 80 Purpur Block,

84 Purpur Pillar,

4 Purpur Stairs,

3 Purpur Slab,

4End Rod

fat_tower_middle The center of the large tower, lined with the purpur slab and end rod spiral staircase. 62 Purpur Block,

164 Purpur Pillar,

8 Purpur Stairs,

8 Purpur Slab,

8End Rod,

4 Shulker

fat_tower_top The "loot room" of the large tower, generated with 2 chests in the corner and a staircase to the roof. 352 Purpur Block,

105 End Stone Bricks,

18 Purpur Pillar,

26 Magenta Stained Glass

131 Purpur Stairs,

9 Purpur Slab,

4End Rod,

2 Chest

second_floor The second floor of the base tower, preceded by a purpur slab staircase. The room is otherwise empty. 95 Purpur Block,

84 End Stone Bricks,

12 Purpur Pillar,

16 Magenta Stained Glass

44 Purpur Stairs,

7 Purpur Slab,

4End Rod

second_floor_2 Begins with a small spiral staircase in the center, with a small "statue" made of stairs in the upper corner. 70 Purpur Block,

82 End Stone Bricks,

12 Purpur Pillar,

14 Magenta Stained Glass

54 Purpur Stairs,

9 Purpur Slab,

4End Rod,

1 Shulker

second_roof Similar in structure to base_roof, but slightly larger. 144 Purpur Block,

52 Purpur Stairs,

4End Rod

ship The End ship. 556 Purpur Block,

36 End Stone Bricks,

97 Purpur Pillar,

7 Magenta Stained Glass

174 Purpur Stairs,

6 Purpur Slab,

5End Rod,

2 Chest,

26 Obsidian,

13 Ladder,

1 Item Frame,

1 Brewing Stand,

1 Dragon Head,

3 Shulker

third_floor A purpur pillar structure sits in the center, surrounded by purpur stairs. Preceded by a purpur slab staircase. 140 Purpur Block,

90 End Stone Bricks,

18 Purpur Pillar,

32 Magenta Stained Glass

64 Purpur Stairs,

7 Purpur Slab,

4End Rod

third_floor_b An unused room, preceded by two sets of ladders. Bizarre checkerboard-style flooring with 4 shulkers guarding this room. 102 Purpur Block,

90 End Stone Bricks,

12 Purpur Pillar,

32 Magenta Stained Glass

64 Purpur Stairs,

26 Purpur Slab,

8 End Rod,

4 Ladder,

4 Shulker

third_floor_c The second loot room, with a regular chest and an Ender chest. 133 Purpur Block,

98 End Stone Bricks,

12 Purpur Pillar,

24 Magenta Stained Glass

56 Purpur Stairs,

6 End Rod,

1 Chest,

1 Ender Chest,

2 Shulker

third_roof Similar in structure to base_roof and second_roof, but is even larger. 196 Purpur Block,

60 Purpur Stairs,

4End Rod

tower_base Entrance to the small tower with a ladder preceding it. 40 Purpur Block,

39 Purpur Pillar,

4 Purpur Stairs,

4 Purpur Slab,

4 Ladder

tower_floor Similar in structure to tower_base, but the ladder entrance is replaced with a solid floor. 21 Purpur Block,

36 Purpur Pillar,

28 Purpur Stairs,

3 Purpur Slab

tower_piece The middle of the small tower, with a purpur slab spiral staircase. 12 Purpur Block,

36 Purpur Pillar,

4 Purpur Stairs,

4 Purpur Slab

tower_top The roof of the small tower, with banners hanging from the sides. 66 Purpur Block,

26 End Stone Bricks,

12 Purpur Pillar,

6 Magenta Stained Glass

56 Purpur Stairs,

2 Purpur Slab,

4 End Rod,

8 Magenta Banner
with Black Chevrons

1 Shulker


Each end city chest contains 2–6 item stacks, with the following distribution:

Stack Size Weight # Items Chance # Chests
Gold Ingot 2–715853.17652.3%1.9
Iron Ingot 4–810852.82438.4%2.6
Beetroot Seeds 1–105851.29421.2%4.7
Diamond 2–75851.05921.2%4.7
Saddle 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Iron Pickaxe[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Iron Shovel[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Iron Sword[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Iron Helmet[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Iron Chestplate[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Iron Leggings[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Iron Boots[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Diamond Shovel[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Diamond Sword[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Diamond Helmet[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Diamond Chestplate[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Diamond Leggings[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Enchanted Diamond Boots[note 1] 13850.14113.3%7.5
Emerald 2–62850.3769.0%11.1
Iron Horse Armor 11850.0474.6%21.7
Golden Horse Armor 11850.0474.6%21.7
Diamond Horse Armor 11850.0474.6%21.7
  1. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n Enchantment probabilities are the same as a level-20 to level-39 enchantment would be on an enchantment table that had no cap at level 30, and that was able to apply treasure enchantments, and where the chance of multiple enchantments is not reduced.


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Internal ID
Advancement-plain-raw.png The City at the End of the GameGo on in, what could happen?Remote GetawayEnter an End city.minecraft:end/find_end_city


June 22, 2015Jeb reveals the mysterious End city structure on Instagram, with the words "MINECON 2015 HYPE!"
July 5, 2015Structure blocks were used to manually generate End cities during MINECON 2015.
Java Edition
1.915w31aAdded end cities.
As a leftover testing feature, a beacon with the Speed status effect can be found on end ships.[2]
15w32cBeacons in end ships have been replaced by pumpkins.
End ships now generate with a dragon head at the bow.
15w33cPumpkins in end ships have been replaced by a hopper that contains a book, written by Searge, titled "Work in Progress". It reads: "We will have something else here soon...".
15w41aThe iron blocks, book and hopper have been removed, so that the floor is only obsidian and purpur blocks.
An elytra will now hang in an item frame above the shulker guarding the two treasure chests.
1.1116w39aCursed enchantments can now appear on items in end city chests.
End cities can now be located using the /locate command.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha end cities. They will spawn without banners.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0beta cities will now normally spawn with banners.
Legacy Console Edition
TU46CU361.38Patch 15Added end cities.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
1.7.10Added end cities and ships.


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