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Baby Drowned.png
Health points

20 (Heart.svg × 10)

Armor points

2 (Armor.svg)

Attack strength

Easy: 2 (Heart.svg)
Normal: 3 (Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg)
Hard: 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg)
With trident: 9 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg)[Legacy Console and Bedrock editions only]
With trident
Easy: 5 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg)
Normal: 9 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg)
Hard: 12 (Heart.svg × 6)


Height: 1.95 Blocks
Width: 0.6 Blocks

Height: 0.975 Blocks
Width: 0.3 Blocks


See Spawning


See Drops

Natural equipment
  • Trident (15% chance)
  • Fishing Rod (2% chance on Java and Legacy Console Edition and 0.85% chance on Bedrock Edition)
  • Nautilus Shell (3% chance on Java and Legacy Console Edition and 8% chance on Bedrock Edition; appears in offhand only)

Adult: 5

Baby: 12




Internal ID

JE: ?
BE: 110

Namespaced ID


Tom Stone Mojang avatar.png

We're sorry. We're so so sorry. Our upcoming Update Aquatic ... was meant to be a pleasant experience for our players. A joyous dip into a wet and wonderful new ocean, overflowing with joy, smiles and laughter!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Because something is down in those murky depths with you. Lurking beneath the surface, below the delightful dolphins, the colourful coral, the terrific tropical fish, awaits a new danger.

Reader, I sincerely hope you never Meet the Drowned.

Tom Stone[1]

Drowned are common underwater zombie variants that spawn in bodies of water or when a zombie drowns. They are also currently the only source of tridents.


Natural generation[edit]

An adult drowned and a baby drowned with a trident.

Drowned will naturally spawn at light level of 7 or less in ocean biomes (all variants except warm ocean but including deep warm ocean‌[Java Edition only]), river (and frozen river), and swamp[Legacy Console Edition only] biomes . They spawn throughout a body of water at surface floor. In ocean biomes, drowned will only spawn at a height less than 5 blocks below sea level; this restriction does not apply to rivers. Drowned will also spawn at higher rates in rivers than in other biomes.

Drowned have a chance to spawn with either a trident or a fishing rod, and occasionally with a nautilus shell. They also have a small chance of spawning while riding a chicken, even after drowning as a zombie, creating a drowned chicken jockey.‌[Java Edition only] This is the only zombie counterpart within the game that cannot spawn naturally with any armor.


A zombie that is being drowned. (Click to see the animation)

If a zombie is not in a boat, and its head is submerged in water continuously for 30 seconds, it begins the process of converting to a drowned. Once this happens, it will start shaking, similar to the effect seen while a zombie villager is being cured. At this point the process cannot be stopped, and 15 seconds later the zombie will turn into a drowned.

If a zombie is holding or wearing an item when it becomes a drowned, it will drop the item it is holding or wearing, 100% of the time if it had picked the item up, or the normal 8.5% +1% per looting level if it spawned with the item naturally. Zombie villagers do not transform, and husks will not transform instantly; instead, they transform into a regular zombie as a midway point.


Drowned drop when they die:

  • 5 experience orbs (6.5 experience orbs‌[Java Edition only][verify]) if killed by the player or a tamed wolf. (12 if it is a baby drowned).
  • 0–2 rotten flesh (additional 1 maximum drop for every Looting level, up to 0-5 rotten flesh for Looting III).
  • 0–1 gold ingot if killed by the player. The drop chance is 11% (increased by 2% per Looting level) in Bedrock Edition, and 5% (increased by 1% per Looting level) in Java Edition.
  • 0–1 trident if killed by the player.
    • Java Edition: 8.5% chance, only for drowned that spawn with a trident. The trident will have random durability.
    • Bedrock Edition: 11% chance, increasing 2% for each level of Looting. The item will have 20-90% durability. A drowned cannot drop both a trident and gold ingot as a natural drop.
  • 1 nautilus shell if held in the off-hand.
  • Any picked-up equipment has 100% chance of dropping and will drop with the same damage level it had when picked up.
  • Drowned will always drop equipment in their off-hand.

Naturally-spawned equipment[edit]

Java Edition and Legacy Console Editions

For naturally-spawned drowned only:

In Java Edition, converted drowned are never equipped with tridents or nautilus shells.

Bedrock and PS4 editions

Both naturally-spawned and converted drowned spawn with the same equipment:

The trident and fishing rod are mutually exclusive. It is possible for a drowned to spawn with either a trident or fishing rod in the main hand and a nautilus shell in the offhand.

It is possible for a drowned to drop both its naturally-spawned trident and a second trident as one of its standard drops (0.935% chance, 1.235% chance with Looting I, 1.575% chance with Looting II, and 1.955% chance with Looting III).


In all editions, farms that convert zombies to drowned will produce the usual zombie drops. In Bedrock Edition, such a farm also produces tridents and nautilus shells. In Java Edition, a drowned farm must be designed to harvest naturally-spawned drowned to produce tridents and nautilus shells.


A drowned aiming with its trident.

Drowned have a melee attack, and if they spawn with a trident, they will use it as a ranged weapon. The trident is thrown every 1.5 seconds at up to 40 blocks away and will not be enchanted. It is not consumed, even when it is not enchanted with Loyalty. In the Legacy Console Edition and Bedrock Edition, drowned with tridents will use a melee attack if the target is 3 blocks away or less. They will stomp on turtle eggs, attack baby turtles, and like zombies will chase and attack villagers, wandering traders and iron golems. If on land, drowned will seek out nearby water. They will sometimes step onto land, but will quickly return to the water. If a drowned is in any way removed by force from the water, and all nearby water sources have been blocked from it, it becomes passive in daytime. However, it will head to the nearest water source when provided access once again and becomes hostile upon making contact.

During the day, drowned only swim to attack players that are swimming in the water with them; otherwise, they stay on the floor of the water body they are in, ignoring players that are on land or in a boat. However, at night, drowned swim to the surface and will chase players as well as baby turtles, even outside the water, like regular zombies. The speed of their swimming is equal to that of the player.

If a drowned kills a villager with a thrown trident, the villager has a chance of turning into a zombie villager.

Drowned in Legacy Console, PS4 and Bedrock Editions use a swimming animation similar to the player. They use this animation whenever they try to pathfind to a player that is either below or above them, if the player is on the same ground level, the drowned will simply walk towards them. Drowned will also use this animation if they are tracking a player while they are not standing on a solid block. Their hitbox does not change when doing this animation. Also, if they hold a nautilus shell or anything else in their offhand, their arms will be in the posture the same as a player’s. When attacking, it uses the player’s attacking animation. Still, it uses the same swimming animation when tracking a player underwater.

Unlike zombies, drowned do not break down doors in hard mode.

They are immune to guardians or elder guardians attacks. They also have a small chance to be immune to knockback when damaged.[2]

Data values[edit]

Drowned have entity data associated with them that contain various properties of the mob.

  • Entity data
    • Tags common to all entities see Template:Nbt inherit/entity/template
    • Tags common to all mobs see Template:Nbt inherit/mob/template
    •  IsBaby: 1 or 0 (true/false) - true if this zombie is a baby. May be absent.
    •  CanBreakDoors: 1 or 0 (true/false) - true if the zombie can break doors (default value is 0).
    •  DrownedConversionTime: The number of ticks until this zombie converts to a drowned, or husk to zombie. (default value is -1, when no conversion is under way).
    •  InWaterTime: The number of ticks this zombie or husk has been under water, used to start the drowning conversion. (default value is -1, when no conversion is under way).


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Availability Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Bedrock Nintendo
Monster HunterAttack and destroy a monsterKill a hostile mob or one of the following neutral mobs: enderman, zombie pigman, spider, cave spider.Xbox OneYesYesYes15GBronze
Xbox 360Alt20G


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Internal ID
Advancement-plain-raw.png Not Today, Thank YouDeflect an arrow with a shieldSuit UpDeflect any projectile with a shield.minecraft:story/deflect_arrow
Advancement-plain-raw.png AdventureAdventure, exploration, and combatKill any entity, or be killed by any entity.minecraft:adventure/root
Advancement-plain-raw.png Monster HunterKill any hostile monsterAdventureKill one of these 25 mobs. Other mobs are ignored for this advancement.minecraft:adventure/kill_a_mob
Advancement-plain-raw.png A Throwaway JokeThrow a trident at something.
Note: Throwing away your only weapon is not a good idea.
Monster Hunterminecraft:adventure/throw_trident
Advancement-plain-raw.png Take AimShoot something with a bow and arrowMonster Hunterminecraft:adventure/shoot_arrow
Advancement-fancy-raw.png Monsters HuntedKill one of every hostile monsterMonster HunterKill each of these 25 mobs. Other mobs may be killed, but are ignored for the advancement.minecraft:adventure/kill_all_mobs


Java Edition
1.1318w11aAdded drowned mobs.
18w15aDrowned will now occasionally spawn with a nautilus shell.
18w16aDrowned will now spawn in underwater ruins.
pre1Drowned now have a swimming animation.
Bedrock Edition
1.4.0beta drowned mobs as part of "Experimental Gameplay". They use lower-pitched zombie sounds as a placeholder.
beta baby drowned.
The drowned's face will now glow in the dark.
beta will no longer drop sponge.
Baby drowned will now burn in sunlight.
Drowned now have their own sounds.[verify]
1.5.0beta are now present in normal gameplay, rather than only when experimental gameplay is enabled.
Drowned will now sometimes hold nautilus shells.
Zombies will now turn into drowned when underwater.
1.10.0beta are now hostile towards the new wandering traders.
Reduced the number of drowned mob spawning.
Drowned no longer spawn in swamps.
Legacy Console Edition
TU691.76Patch 38Added drowned mobs.
Zombies will now turn into drowned when underwater for too long.


Issues relating to "Drowned mob" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


A drowned chicken jockey.
  • Drowned are the only aquatic mobs that are considered undead.
  • A drowned chicken jockey will float to the surface because the chicken it is riding floats, causing the drowned riding it to burn in sunlight during the day, resulting in a chicken in the middle of the ocean or river where the drowned jockey spawned in.‌[Java and Legacy Console editions only]
  • In Bedrock Edition, drowned have a 3D outer layer. This causes their heads and arms to look larger than on the Java Edition.
  • Like spiders and endermen, drowned have eyes that appear to emit a light blue glow, although they do not actually produce light.
  • They are found anytime in oceans and rivers, but only at night in swamps.‌[Legacy Console Edition only]
  • When putting armor on a drowned using a dispenser, the helmet won't show up but will still protect from sunlight‌[Bedrock Edition only]