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Name Icon Food Points Saturation restored Effective Quality
[note 1]
Saturation ratio Status effect(s) Source(s)
Milk Bucket 0 (πŸ—) 0 0 N/A

Removes all effects

Honey Bottle 6 (πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—) 2.4 8.4 0.4

Removes Poison

Water Bottle 0 (πŸ—) 0 0 N/A


Awkward Potion 0 (πŸ—) 0 0 N/A


Mundane Potion 0 (πŸ—) 0 0 N/A


Thick Potion 0 (πŸ—) 0 0 N/A


Any Potion Potion of RegenerationPotion of SwiftnessPotion of Fire ResistancePotion of PoisonPotion of HealingPotion of Night VisionPotion of WeaknessPotion of StrengthPotion of SlownessPotion of LeapingPotion of HarmingPotion of Water BreathingPotion of InvisibilityPotion of Slow FallingPotion of LuckPotion of DecayPotion of the Turtle Master 0 (πŸ—) 0 0 N/A

Depends on the potion

  • Brewing and other sources. This entry is for non-base potions.
  1. ↑ Food Points + Saturation, indicating roughly how long the food lasts. See hunger for details. Any excess beyond the player's food or saturation caps are wasted.