Dried Kelp Block

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Dried Kelp Block
Dried Kelp Block JE1 BE2.png




Blast resistance



Any tool




Yes (64)


Yes (30)

Catches fire from lava




Data value

dec: 394 hex: 18A bin: 110001010

Namespaced ID


Tom Stone Mojang avatar.png

I built myself a house out of kelp blocks! Some people warned me a house built entirely out of underwater plantlife might have a nasty aroma. But as a man who reeks of rotten fish anyway, I didn't mind in the slightest!

Tom Stone[1]

Dried kelp blocks are blocks that are primarily used as a fuel in furnaces.


A dried kelp block will be broken the quickest with an axe.

Block Dried Kelp Block
Hardness 0.5
Breaking time
Hand 0.75


Ingredients Crafting recipe
Dried Kelp



Dried kelp blocks can be used as fuel in a furnace. It lasts 200 seconds (i.e. 3.333333 minutes), meaning that it is able to smelt 20 items. This is 2.5 times as long as the burning time for coal or charcoal, but it is 10 minutes less than a block of coal, which can smelt 80 items. It is the fuel with the highest smelt time below 64 items, and just like blaze rods, the highest amount that can be smelted without any refills or hoppers and without loss of fuel is 60 items. This makes the dried kelp block very useful for unsupervised non-automated smelting.

Crafting ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Dried Kelp Dried Kelp Block


Dried kelp blocks have a 50% chance of increasing the compost level in a composter by 1.


Expert-level butcher villagers buy 18 dried kelp blocks for an emerald as their seventh trade.‌[Bedrock Edition only]

Expert-level butcher villagers buy 10 dried kelp blocks for an emerald.‌[Java Edition only]


Dried kelp blocks can be used to store dried kelp in an efficient and compact way.


Sound Subtitle Namespaced ID Subtitle ID Source Pitch Volume Attenuation distance
Block breaking block.grass.hit subtitles.block.generic.hit Blocks 0.5 0.25 16
Block broken block.grass.break subtitles.block.generic.break Blocks 0.8 1.0 16
Block placed block.grass.place subtitles.block.generic.place Blocks 0.8 1.0 16
Footsteps block.grass.step subtitles.block.generic.footsteps Blocks 1.0 0.15 16
No subtitle block.grass.fall (Plays when fallen on from a height) Blocks 0.75 0.5 16


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Availability Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Bedrock Nintendo
Alternative FuelPower a furnace with a kelp blockXbox 360YesYesWii U20GBronze


Java Edition
1.1318w07aDried Kelp Block JE1 BE2.png Added dried kelp blocks.
18w07bDried kelp blocks are now flammable.
18w08bDried kelp blocks can now be crafted.
1.1419w03aPlacing dried kelp blocks in the new composter has a 20% chance of increasing the compost level by 1.
19w05aDried kelp blocks now have a 50% chance of increasing the compost level in a composter by 1.
Bedrock Edition
1.4.0beta Kelp Block BE1.png Added dried kelp blocks.
beta Kelp Block JE1 BE2.png The texture of dried kelp blocks has now been changed.
1.11.0beta kelp blocks can now be used to fill up composters.
beta kelp blocks can now be sold to butcher villagers.
Legacy Console Edition
TU691.76Patch 38Dried Kelp Block JE1 BE2.png Added dried kelp blocks.


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