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Yellow Dye
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Yes (64)

Data value

dec: 35111 hex: 15F11 bin: 10101111111


See § Data values

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Yellow dye[JEPS4& BE only][upcoming: JE 1.14] or dandelion yellow[JELCE only][until JE 1.14] is a primary color dye created by placing a dandelion or sunflower into a crafting square.



Ingredients Crafting recipe
Dandelion or


Wandering traders sell 3 yellow dye for an emerald.‌[upcoming: JE 1.14 & BE 1.10.0]

Natural Generation[edit]

Yellow dye can be found in village mason chest.‌[upcoming: JE 1.14 & BE 1.11.0]


Like all other dyes, dandelion yellow can be:

Crafting ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Dyed Wool White Wool +
Dandelion Yellow

[Java, and Legacy Console editions only]
Orange Dye Rose Red +
Dandelion Yellow
Yellow Balloon Latex +
Dandelion Yellow +
Helium +

[Bedrock, and Education editions only]
Yellow Bed Any Bed +
Dandelion Yellow

A bed of any color can be re-dyed using dyes.‌[Bedrock, and Legacy Console editions only]
Yellow Bed White Bed +
Dandelion Yellow

White beds can be re-dyed using dyes.‌[Java Edition only]
Yellow Carpet White Carpet +
Dandelion Yellow
[upcoming: JE 1.14 & BE 1.10]
Yellow Concrete Powder Dandelion Yellow +
Sand +
Yellow Firework Star Gunpowder +
Dandelion Yellow +
Head or
Gold Nugget or
Feather or
Fire Charge +
Glowstone Dust +

Up to eight dyes can be added.
Up to one of any head, a gold nugget, a feather, or a fire charge can be added.
Both the diamond and the glowstone dust can be added with any of the other ingredients.
Yellow Shulker Box Shulker Box or
Any Shulker Box +
Dandelion Yellow

Yellow Stained Glass Glass +
Dandelion Yellow
Yellow Stained Glass Pane Glass Pane +
Dandelion Yellow
[upcoming: JE 1.14]
Yellow Terracotta Terracotta +
Dandelion Yellow
Yellow Wool Any Wool +
Dandelion Yellow

[Bedrock Edition only]
Yellow Banner pattern Dandelion Yellow +

Yellow Banner image Dandelion Yellow +
Banner +
Vines or
Bricks or
Creeper Head or
Wither Skeleton Skull or
Oxeye Daisy or
Enchanted Golden Apple

Loom ingredient[edit]

Loom Interface.png


Expert-level shepherd villagers have a 16 chance to buy 12 yellow dye for an emerald.‌[upcoming: BE 1.11.0]

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

Item Name ID
Dandelion Yellow[until JE 1.14]
Yellow Dye‌[upcoming: JE 1.14]
dandelion_yellow[until JE 1.14]
yellow_dye[upcoming: JE 1.14]

Bedrock Edition:

Item Name ID Numeric ID
Yellow Dye dye 351

Item data[edit]

In Bedrock Edition, dandelion yellow has the ID name dye, with a data value of 11.

DV Description
0 Ink Sac
1 Rose Red
2 Cactus Green
3 Cocoa Beans
4 Lapis Lazuli
5 Purple Dye
6 Cyan Dye
7 Light Gray Dye
8 Gray Dye
9 Pink Dye
10 Lime Dye
11 Dandelion Yellow
12 Light Blue Dye
13 Magenta Dye
14 Orange Dye
15 Bone Meal
16 Black Dye
17 Brown Dye
18 Blue Dye
19 White Dye



Java Edition Beta
1.2 Added dandelion yellow.
Java Edition
1.4.2 12w34a Added the ability to dye leather armor and wolf collars.
1.4.6 12w49a Dandelion yellow can be crafted with gunpowder to create a firework star.
1.6.1 13w19a Stained clay can now be crafted.
1.7.2 13w36a With the addition of new flowers, many secondary and tertiary dyes are now primary dyes.
13w41a Stained glass can now be crafted.
1.8 14w30a Added banners which can be dyed.
1.11 16w39a Added the ability to dye shulker boxes.
1.12 17w15a Added the ability to dye beds.
1.13 17w47a The different data values for the dye ID have been split up into their own IDs.
Prior to The Flattening, this item's numeral ID was 351.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.14 18w43a Renamed "dandelion yellow" to "yellow dye".
Yellow Dye TextureUpdate.png Changed the texture of yellow dye.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.3.0 Added dandelion yellow.
?Dandelion yellow is now used to craft cocoa beans.
0.14.0 build 1 Yellow dye can now be used to dye water in cauldrons.
0.16.0 build 1 Dandelion yellow is no longer used to craft cocoa beans.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0 alpha Yellow dye can now be used to dye shulkers.
1.1.0 alpha Yellow dye can now be used to dye shulker boxes, beds, and craft concrete powder.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0 beta Yellow dye can now be used to craft patterns on banners, firework stars, and stained glass.
1.4.0 beta Yellow dye can now be used to craft balloons and glow sticks.
1.8.0 beta Dandelion yellow can now be used to dye cat collars.
beta Renamed "dandelion yellow" to "yellow dye".
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.10.0 beta Yellow dye are now sold by wandering traders.
Yellow Dye TextureUpdate.png Changed the texture of yellow dye.
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.11.0 beta Yellow dye can now be found in village mason chests.
beta Yellow dye can be sold to shepherf villager.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU11.00Patch 11.0.1Added dandelion yellow.
PlayStation 4 Edition
1.83 Renamed "dandelion yellow" to "yellow dye".


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