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This page describes content that is no longer in the game.
These features only exist in outdated versions of Bedrock Edition.
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Some features have been removed from the Pocket and Bedrock editions. These features may have been replaced, or a developer may have decided against the feature later on.

Note that this page only documents game features that were removed; features of a particular game element that were removed are noted in that element's history. See Bedrock Edition unused features for features that are still currently in the game. There are some features that were accidentally added from the Education Edition, the features were removed shortly after and made exclusive to the Education Edition once again.[1]



Brewing previously did not require blaze powder as fuel. This feature was removed in Bedrock Edition 1.2, because in Pocket Edition 1.0, igloos were added, allowing the player to brew in Survival mode via the brewing stand in igloo basements, meaning that the player is able to brew potions without having to enter the Nether.


When a splash is removed, the line it occupied in splashes.json is deleted, meaning the line number of all subsequent splashes lowers by one.

Splash text Explanation Version added Version removed
Redstone free! Until Alpha 0.8.0, there was no redstone, other than the ore. Pocket Edition Alpha 0.7.3 Pocket Edition Alpha 0.8.0
100% dragon free! Pocket Edition now has the ender dragon. Pocket Edition Alpha 0.8.0 Pocket Edition 1.0
It's alpha! The game is no longer in Alpha. Pocket Edition Alpha 0.8.0 Pocket Edition 1.0
MCPE! The edition is no longer using the term as Pocket Edition, but instead, Bedrock Edition. Pocket Edition Alpha 0.15.0? Bedrock Edition 1.8


Before Beta, the player was able to sprint on water; however, this feature was removed, due to the new swimming mechanic.


There have been many UIs that have been changed, such as the crafting table. The crafting table UI has changed since Bedrock Edition 1.2, but before that version, the crafting table had already previously been changed. Early UI for the crafting table had text showing item information could be crafted. This is similar to the stonecutter UI, which later changed in Alpha 0.9.0. From Alpha 0.13.0, when the crafting table’s UI was changed, the stonecutter UI was completely removed and its use was repurposed to a decorative block. Also, the furnace text of output item and information of that item could be used.


As the old UI was removed, text information showed in that UI was also removed.

Enhanced underwater visibility[edit]

Before Bedrock Edition 1.4, wearing an enchanted helmet with the Respiration enchantment would boost underwater vision. The higher the level, the better it improved the player's vision. This feature could also be obtained from the Water Breathing status effect or by combining both the enchantment and status effects. This enhanced vision has since been removed, due to the water texture being changed and because the player can now see clearly underwater without effects or enchantments. However, Night Vision is still required for better visibility. Also, the enhanced underwater vision is still obtainable from other methods, such as Conduit Power from conduits added in Bedrock Edition 1.5.

Minecraft Store[edit]

Minecraft Store was added in Pocket Edition Alpha 0.15.0 alpha, and skin pack available offline which require real money to purchase, and all content created by minecraft, content will be added after update.

However, store was replaced by Marketplace in Pocket Edition 1.1 where content created by community, and require currency called as 'Minecoins' to purchase it and skin packs are

no longer avaiable offline.

Blocks and items[edit]


Allow & Deny[edit]

Allow and deny blocks are supposed to be used to create restricted building areas or areas where users can build in. They were initially exclusive to the Education Edition, but were accidentally added in the first development version of the Alpha 0.16.0 update. They were removed shortly after because they were meant to be an Education Edition exclusive feature.


The chalkboard blocks are supposed to have a function with a right click. They were an Education Edition feature that was accidentally added in the first development version of the Alpha 0.16.0 update. It was removed shortly after, as it was meant to be an Education Edition exclusive feature.

The Board block came in three different sizes:

  • Slate (1×1)
  • Poster (2×1)
  • Board (2×3)


See also: Cobblestone Walls

Border blocks are unbreakable blocks shaped like cobblestone walls that prohibit movement through, over, or under the block they had been placed on. They were an Education Edition feature that was accidentally added in the first development version of the Alpha 0.16.0 update. It was removed shortly after, as it was meant to be an Education Edition exclusive feature.

Cyan flower[edit]

Cyan Flower.png
See also: Flower

The cyan flower was a exclusive feature put for technical reasons, bearing the same appearance with the rose flower. It was being replaced with the poppy in Alpha 0.9.0 build 1. However, Johan said it may return.[2]

Nether reactor functions[edit]

Nether reactor core[edit]
See also: Netherrack

The functionality of the nether reactor was removed in Pocket Edition Alpha 0.12.1. However, the reactor core block still exists in game, and can be obtained through inventory editing or by retaining it from previous worlds before the update. It now drops its ingredients instead of itself, allowing players to recover them.

Glowing obsidian[edit]
Glowing Obsidian.png
See also: Obsidian

Being a part of the nether reactor, the glowing obsidian block was also removed in Alpha 0.12.1. It emitted a soft red glow at light level 12. Despite being a variant of obsidian, it only requires an iron pickaxe. When broken, it dropped a block of obsidian. It can now only be obtained through inventory editing.

Instant powered rail[edit]

Prior to Alpha 0.13.0 build 1, any placed powered rail would be always active. This is because redstone mechanics didn't exist at that point in time.

Stonecutter function[edit]

Prior to Alpha 0.13.0 build 1, the stonecutter could be used the same way as a crafting table can be used, but for stone. Any type of stone block that could be crafted in a 2x2 or 3x3 grid, could only be crafted using a stonecutter or by using 2x2 inventory crafting. However, after Alpha 0.13.0 build 1, any stone block can be crafted in a crafting table, making the stonecutter's functionality only for decoration purposes.




In Education Edition, the portfolio is used to document a screenshot taken from the camera. It was accidentally added to Pocket Edition in Alpha 0.16.0 build 1. It could only be obtained using commands and had no function. It was later removed, as it was meant to be an Education Edition exclusive feature.



Camera [until 1.8][edit]

The camera was an entity in Pocket Edition that would capture pictures in the game. In the Education Edition, it works together with the portfolio item to create collections of pictures.

Before then, cameras were first added to the game in Alpha 0.1.0 and were available until Alpha 0.9.0 build 1. Later, they were re-added to the game in Alpha 0.14.0 build 1, but were removed again in Alpha 0.16.0 build 4 due to becoming an Education Edition exclusive item. Cameras are currently only available in Education Edition and through inventory editing.

NPC [until 1.8][edit]

NPCs were a villager-like mob, but slightly taller than a normal villager. They were an Education Edition feature that got accidentally added in the first development version for the Alpha 0.16.0 update; they were removed shortly after because they were only supposed to be an Education Edition feature. However, NPC readded again in beta and spawnable using /summon command.

Magma cubes taking damage when wet[edit]

The magma cube previously took damage when they became wet, as the vanilla behavior pack had the magma cube's behavior "minecraft_hurt_when_wet": set to true. Magma cubes would also take damage if exposed to sunlight or moonlight during rain and while in water. However, as of an unknown build in 1.1, this feature was considered a bug and removed, as its vanilla behavior of taking damage when wet was set to false again.

Instant chicken jockey[edit]

Prior to Alpha 0.14.0 build 1, chicken jockeys had a chance to spawn from zombies and zombie pigmen and their spawn eggs. At that time, baby zombies and baby zombie pigmen had a 5% chance to spawn as a chicken jockey. However, as of Alpha 0.14.0 build 1, chicken jockeys were partially removed and no longer spawn naturally, but baby zombies, baby zombie villagers, and baby husks have a 15% chance to spawn as a jockey when trying to attack the player, villagers, iron golems or snow golems. The baby zombies, baby zombie villagers and baby husks will check nearby mobs that can be ridden, such as cows, zombie villagers, spiders, and horses. However, baby zombie pigman didn't have ability to mount nearby mobs causing zombie pigmen chicken jockeys to be completely removed.

Chickens spawning in the Nether[edit]

Due to the natural zombie pigman chicken jockey removal, chickens are no longer able to rarely spawn naturally in the Nether, as zombie pigmen will no longer spawn as zombie pigmen chicken jockeys.

Zombie drops[edit]

Prior to Alpha 0.11.0 build 1, zombies dropped feathers. However, this drop was later removed; currently, feathers are not dropped by zombies, and are replaced by rotten flesh.

Hostile zombie pigmen drops and their behavior[edit]

Before Alpha 0.11.0, zombie pigmen dropped feathers as common drops and potatoes or carrots as rare drops. This was changed in Alpha 0.11.0 build 1; in this update, the zombie pigmen's common drop was changed to rotten flesh and its rare drop was changed to gold ingots. In Alpha 0.12.1 build 1, gold nuggets were also added as common drops. Before Alpha 0.12.1 build 1, zombie pigmen were hostile mobs that burned in sunlight, but were also immune to fire. However, during this time, fire particles would still be shown around them, even though the zombie pigman itself didn't take any damage. During this time, they also lacked a hat layer, moved slowly, and both of their hands didn't draw up. In Alpha 0.11.0 build 1, they had a chicken jockey variant, but in 0.14.0 build 1, their chicken jockey variant was removed and prior to 0.12.1 build 1, the only way to make the variant spawn naturally was from an active nether reactor core. On alpha 0.14.0 build 1, adult zombie pigman mountable by baby zombie variants when want to be jockey. However as unknown update adult zombie pigman no longer mountable by baby zombie pigman.


When the horse was added, it used an older model, which was replaced with a newer model in an earlier version of Alpha 0.15. Horses could be tamed by feeding them food, although this feature was removed and now the player is required to mount the horse to tame it.

Breedable Dolphin[edit]

When the dolphin was added in 1.4 beta, it is breedable by feeding them raw cod or raw salmon. However in 1.5 beta, feeding dolphin with raw fish will make it swim toward the nearest underwater ruins or shipwreck, baby dolphins can only spawn naturally in the ocean and not via breeding.

Villager running away from monsters[edit]

At earlier version where villager added to game, they will avoid any type monster, including neutral monster such as enderman and spider, however in Pocket Edition Alpha 0.12.0 this feature removed as villager only avoid zombie variants, and illagers in pocket edition 1.1.

Tamed Ocelot[edit]

Ocelot was tameable by feeding them raw cod or raw salmon and transform them into cat. However in beta Ocelot and Cat are seperate mob, and giving them any type of fish will just breed them and gain trust of player and increase baby ocelot growth speed by 10% rather than tamimg them.

Old mob death animation[edit]

Previously, when mobs were killed, their bodies would jump and then disappear; this feature was later replaced with a new dying animation, which is simply falling to the ground on their sides like mobs in Java Edition.


Food healing[edit]

Prior to 0.12.1 build 1, eating food would heal the player's health while it was lost. However, with the addition of the hunger bar, this feature was removed.

Rotten flesh[edit]

Prior to 0.12.1 build 1, eating rotten flesh would inflict a Poison status effect, instead of the Hunger status effect.


Before 0.12.1 build 1, eating pufferfish wouldn't inflict the hunger status effect.

Enchanted golden apple[edit]

When the enchanted golden apple was first added to the game, it would only give Absorption I, instead of Absorption IV.

World generation[edit]


Oak Forest

When cold-en oak trees existed, there was an oak forest biome, which was a forest that only consisted of oak trees.

Non-snowy extreme hills

In Pocket Edition Alpha, extreme hills and its variant didn't generate on top of snow above Y layer 90.


Gravel path

Before Alpha 0.11.0 build 1, villages used gravel paths as roads; however this was changed and grass paths were added as village roads instead.

Oak Savanna Village

Prior to Alpha 0.15.0 build 1, villages that would generate in savannah biomes used oak wood, oak wood planks, oak fences and oak stairs, but this village was later replaced with the acacia village.


Cold-en Oak

The "cold-en" oak, or winter oak, was a tree formed by a very rare glitch in older versions of Pocket Edition prior to Alpha 0.9.0. It caused a small tree with a leaf arrangement that was the same as that of a small oak or birch tree that is generated on the border of a forest and a snowy area (one of which is usually mountainous). It was composed with spruce leaves and spruce logs (seen in both the lite and newer versions prior to Alpha 0.9.0) or rarely oak logs (paid only).

Old Oak Tree
Lite Trees.png

At same time that colden oak trees existed, oak trees at the time would only generate with 2 logs in a canopy, rather than 3.

Broken stronghold generation[edit]

In Alpha 0.15.0 build 1, strongholds only generated one room, which was a spiral staircase room. No other room could generate, including the end portal room, which made it impossible to obtain a loot chest in a stronghold. There were 2 types of this stronghold:

  • A stronghold in a village
    • If a stronghold was generated under the village well, the stronghold would generate at the place where the village well generated, which is not underground. This resulted in a weird structure in the village. If bottom staircase room was mined into, the village well would be revealed, which was generated under the weird stronghold room.
  • A stronghold not in a village
    • If a stronghold wasn't generated in a village, it generated at the very deep Y layer, which is at the bedrock layer and cut the bottom bedrock layer at y=0 with stone brick, which made it possible to fall into the void in survival, without cheats. This stronghold also only generated one room, which was the spiral staircase room. However, this stronghold was a part of the game for a relatively short time, from Alpha 0.15.0 build 1 to Alpha 0.15.10. Finally in Alpha 0.16.0 build 1, this stronghold generation was removed, due to being considered a bug.

Abandoned mineshaft[edit]

Spider spawner

When abandoned mineshafts were added to Bedrock Edition in Alpha 0.9.0 build 1, it would generate a spawner with a spider inside of it instead of a cave spider, which was because in that version, cave spiders didn’t exist yet in Bedrock Edition.

Nether Spire[edit]

Nether Spire was a huge structure consisting of netherrack that generated when a nether reactor core activated. It would replace many blocks and started spawning multiple rare items and zombie pigmen, but only if the player's difficulty was set higher than peaceful mode. When the nether reactor core stopped working, all the reactor blocks that had already become glowing obsidian transformed into normal obsidian. The Nether Spire structure would start to break, causing holes to form on the spire. It also caused the time to be set to night. The Nether Spire consisted of many floors and would destroy many blocks in its path. If the Nether Spire generated in a high place, the upper part of the nether spire would not generate properly and become cut off due to the height limit, which was only 128 blocks high at the time.


Many sounds were removed in Bedrock Edition, such as old footsteps, old breaking block sounds, old glass and metal block sounds, old sounds for cows, zombie villagers, husks, stray, explosion sounds, water, squid, etc.

Sounds were also vastly different between the iOS and Android versions, lasting from an unknown version between Alpha 0.2.1 and Alpha 0.5.0 all through way through to Alpha 0.12.1.


Crafting recipes[edit]

Cocoa beans[edit]

See also: Dyes

In Alpha 0.8.0 build 3, cocoa beans were added with their own exclusive recipe. Since Alpha 0.9.0 build 1, cocoa beans were made able to be obtained with cocoa pods. In the Alpha 0.16.0 official release, the cocoa bean's crafting recipe was removed.

The recipe was removed because didn't make sense any longer after the addition to obtain cocoa beans from cocoa pods. It was reported by a user in the bug tracker and was confirmed as a bug.[3]

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Ink Sac +
Rose Red +
Dandelion Yellow
Ink Sac +
Orange Dye

Enchanted golden apple[edit]

See also: Golden Apple

The enchanted golden apple recipe was removed in 1.2 build 1.

Although, enchanted golden apples may still be obtained in other ways.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Block of Gold +


See also: Bed

The recipe of crafting the red bed with any wool color was removed in 1.1 build 1 with the addition of multiple colored beds. The reason why this recipe was removed because prior to 1.1 build 1, only red beds existed in game, and now it is required to have matching red wool to craft a red bed.


In Alpha 0.13.0 build 1, the crafting recipe for the stonecutter was removed, making it only available in creative mode.

Ingredients Crafting recipe

Nether Reactor Core[edit]

The nether reactor core's recipe was made no longer available and it no longer appears in creative inventory and will drop its ingredients when broken.

Ingredients Crafting recipe
Iron Ingot +

Smelting recipes[edit]

Rose red[edit]

See also: Dyes

The reason of the removal of the rose red recipe is unknown. It may have been because of the name being "rose red", implying it comes from roses instead of mushrooms.

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Red Mushroom +
Any fuel