Custom world generation/structure feature

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  • The root tag
    •  type: The type of structure feature. Must be one of the types listed below.
    •  config: The settings for this structure feature. The settings vary depending on type. Any name not listed under this tag has no settings; however, they must still include an empty config object in their definition.
      • If type is pillager_outpost, village, or bastion_remnant:
        •  start_pool: The namespaced id of the structure pool to start from.
        •  size:[needs testing] Must be between 0 and 7, inclusive.
      • If type is mineshaft:
      • If type is ruined_portal:
        •  portal_type:[needs testing] Must be one of "standard", "desert", "jungle", "swamp", "mountain", "ocean", or "nether".
      • If type is shipwreck:
        •  is_beached (optional):[needs testing] Whether or not the shipwreck is beached. Defaults to false if not provided.
      • If type is ocean_ruin:
        •  biome_temp:[needs testing] Must be either "warm" or "cold".
        •  large_probability:[needs testing] Decimal probability between 0 and 1.
        •  cluster_probability:[needs testing] Decimal probability between 0 and 1.
      • If type is buried_treasure: