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Custom servers
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Graham Edgecombe, Søren Enevoldsen, Mark Farrell, and the Brett Russell



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Open source - BSD License

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OpenCraft is a set of tools written in Java, built upon Apache MINA, SLF4J and XStream. It consists of four projects:

  • Server - An implementation of the Minecraft server software, capable of handling both creative and multiplayer modes at the same time
  • Plotter - Map rendering and visualization library
  • Model - Minecraft world simulation/modeling tools
  • IO - OpenCraft library capable of handling (nearly) every known file save format.

CTF mod[edit]

The OpenCraft CTF Mod is a modification of OpenCraft, made by Jacob_ (there is an older mod made by noxryan, but it is not public). It is based on OpenCraft 0.2 and contains many bug fixes and feature additions, as well as a new Capture the Flag game mode. Development of the server started in March 2010, new features were added over the coming months.

CTF Mod Features[edit]

  • Loading of standard multiplayer levels using minecraft-server.jar
  • Level sending code optimized
  • Operators
  • Various chat commands
  • Exploding TNT
  • Stats system, integrated with ranks page on the website
  • VIPs
  • Killstreaks
  • Domination & Revenge


Download the server software using the above link and extract it to a folder on your computer. Edit with Notepad or Notepad++ to change the server settings.

You most likely want to give yourself op powers; to do that rename the file called YourName.xml in the savedGames folder. You can op other people using /op [name]. You can give people VIP rank (can kick, mute and start a new game) using /modify [name] VIP true.

On Windows you can click runServer.bat to start the server; on other platforms you can use the following command:

java -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -cp CTFServer.jar org.opencraft.server.Server

Version history[edit]

  • July 2010 - First public release
  • January 2011 - Point crates, /store, bug fixes
  • December 2011 - Killstreaks, domination and revenge, bug fixes, more maps, reduced RAM usage, leaderboards released for the first time
  • 1/13/12 - /banip, /unban, /unbanip and /xban added
  • 1/20/12 - Fixed respawn prevention, rules are now editable, /hide shows a "left the game" chat message, added /follow and /hidden for ops
  • 2/7/12 - Fixed lag-related bug where players could be killed and respawn with the flag
  • 7/21/12 - fixed permissions bug, added some files which were mistakenly excluded, fixed problem with runServer.bat that affected certain users


For Everyone[edit]

  • /red, /blue, /spec
  • /help
  • /maps
  • /me [message]
  • /pstats [name]
  • /pm [name] [message]
  • /ragequit
  • /rules
  • /stats
  • /status
  • /team [message]
  • /t
  • /d, /dtnt
  • /commands
  • /vote
  • /water, /lava

For VIPs[edit]

  • /kick, /k
  • /newgame [mapname - optional]
  • /mute

For Ops[edit]

  • /ban, /b
  • /banip [IP address or player name]
  • /unban [player]
  • /unbanip [IP]
  • /xban [player]
  • /box
  • /drop [numpoints]
  • /op, /deop
  • /end
  • /force [player] [team]
  • /hide
  • /hidden
  • /follow [player]
  • /modify [name] [attribute] [value]
  • /teleother [name]
  • /opchat [message]
  • /points [name] [value]
  • /say [message]
  • /solid
  • /tp
  • /give [value]

Adding Maps[edit]

Maps should be in the standard Minecraft server format. When viewed from the top in Omen, red must be on the left and blue on the right. After you make a map, you must make a properties file for it by copying one of the existing ones. Edit it with Notepad or Notepad++ to fill in all of the settings with the appropriate numbers:

  • divider - where the center line is, usually width/2.
  • buildCeiling: the y-value that users cannot build above

The rest of the coordinates contain the red and blue spawn and flag positions. Note that the y coordinates count from the bottom, not from the top as Omen does.

Put the map in the maps folder, then you can start the server and use /newgame to start a new game there.

BasketBall Mod[edit]

The BasketBall mod was first suggested by KG_Bro on the Vexillum Gaming Forums It is based on the OpenCraft CTF Mod, created by Jacob_.


  • Multiworld Support
  • Various of commands
  • Staff
  • Several Achievements
  • More!

Staff Ranks

  • Operator - Super Trusted Members who have the responsibility to administrate the server
  • Moderator - Trusted Members who watch and make sure everything is going fine.
  • Developer - Developer for the server

User Ranks

  • Newbie - Starting off, playing the game smooth.
  • Reg/Regular - A player who has been on the server for some time
  • Super Reg - A person who has been playing for a long time
  • BasketBallGod - A person who has been playing for a very long time and has shown his responsibility, he/she is also very good at the game.

User Commands

  • /s shoot the ball
  • /help - access the help menu
  • /about - About the software
  • /pass - pass the ball to someone, costs 100 points
  • /stats - Show's your stats(How many games played... points.. etc.)
  • /store - Access the in-game store
  • /maps - Access the map list

More commands will be added in future versions

More Info[edit]

Scaream has planned this mod to be split into four separate mods, BasketBall, Soccer, Football and Hockey. Once the BasketBall Mod is done, he shall continue this project/ abandon it to code something else.


only going to be available for Vexillum Gaming.


The BasketBall Mod was first suggested by a user from the Vexillum Gaming Forums at the end of 2011. Scaream was not very interested at the start but then he got interested in it again and started development. Development was first started in late February 2012, and will be continued until it is finished or until Scaream decides to abandon it.

OpenCraft History[edit]

Originally created by Graham Edgecombe, Søren Enevoldsen, Mark Farrell, and the Brett Russell, the foundation for a server was created, but development stopped sometime around the end of January 2010. In December 2009, noxryan created a CTF server based on OpenCraft 0.1; it was very popular until it disappeared in February 2010. The CTF server software was never made public and has not been seen since.

Three months later, Trevor Fischer and Adam Liszka picked up the project and created a branch named OpenCraft-ACM. Features added included multiworld support, improved water physics, gravity and structural support, and a highly customizable permission system with world independent permissions.

Jacob Morgan created his own version of a CTF Game Mode using Opencraft 0.2, a private fork being updated regularly and is powering Jacob's Capture the Flag server available through Classicube.

Robert Grove, Anthony Tobvis and Jordan Chigbo maintain an older private version of the mod which powered the Vexillum Gaming server until its recent decline in popularity and eventual disappearance when Mojang stopped support for Minecraft Classic.

OpenCraft-server is currently at version 0.3.