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Please note that this is not Release server software which means no Release support (only Classic, outdated or inactive).
The MinerCPP Logo

MinerCPP is a custom server written in C++ and developed by mainly vLK (founder), Unison, Twdtwd, and Primis. The MinerCPP Project was canceled on March 19, 2010 In favor of LuaCraft. Apart from liquids, minerCPP acts as a vanilla server. It has custom commands for building blocks, and making job for the OP a bit easier.


  • /help normal - Normal help topics
  • /help ranks - View player ranks and associated player classes
  • /help build - Help regarding building and materials
  • /help users - User-interraction and OP help
  • /me <action> - A simple emote command
  • /pinfo <name> - View specified player's class and rank
  • @<name> <message> - Send someone a private message (Not logged by the server)
  • #<message> - Send a message viewable to OP and higher only
  • /mute - mute a player, disallowing him to say, privsay, write to opchat and run commands.
  • /setblock or /set - water, lava, grass, or air you can use w, l, g, or a (Air can be used to delete liquids)
  • /paint - Replace blocks instead of remove
  • /dense - Place blocks only Admin+ can remove
  • /action - Place two blocks, then use one of the actions below
  • /draw or /d - Draw a line, plane, or cube between your action blocks
  • /harden - Turn everything between your action blocks dense
  • /soften - Turn everythins between your action blocks non-dense
  • /copy - Copy the area between your action blocks
  • /tp <name> - Teleport to specified player
  • /bring <name> - Teleport specified player to you
  • /rock, /r or /solid - Place unbreakable stone
  • /say <message> or /s <message> - Broadcast message in yellow text
  • /user <name> <rank> - Change a user's rank (Can only set to a maximum of yours minus 50)
  • /hide - Hide from players of a lower rank than yours
  • /kick <name> - Kick specified player
  • /ban <name> - Ban specified player
  • /unban <name> - Unban specified player
  • /guest - Designates a guest area between your 2 action blocks.
  • /clearguest - Clear all non-dense blocks from the guest area
  • /restore <filename> - The area between you action blocks will be loaded and restored.


MinerCPP was originally a single thread, windows only server. A Unix port was in progress during its active development by TkTech. Meanwhile Dag10 was working on new features while fragmer occasionally suggested adding threading support. vLK decided to add threading, at which point the server became very unstable. The development team decided it would be better to scrap the project and start new. The final SVN build was drastically cut in features to get it stable, and then the project was shut down in favor of LuaCraft, which had started with minerCPP networking code and slowly modularized all the features into lua code. Meanwhile the entire development team moved from the espernet IRC channel #minerCPP to #mcc to form the custom minecraft coalition, under the operation of TkTech, The chat room for custom servers has since been moved to #mcdevs on freenode. Many of the minerCPP team are operators in the channel and still talk about custom servers, such as fcraft.