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Custom servers/Bukkit/TrainCarts/TrainProperties

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In defaulttrainproperties and trainproperties you can set important things for the trains like what happens when they collide. Defaulttrainproperties is for every new train, trainproperties for them which are already there. In defaulttrainproperties you have different kinds of porperties: default, admin and spawner. They can set
by permissions:
give those people which create the trains (train.property.**** -> train.property.default),
by sign:

Blank Sign.png

and by command:
select the train (punch it) and than type /train setdefault admin


Now let's look at the properties

Propertie Explanation
default: Default is the name of the property.
soundEnabled: true Should trains play sounds?
displayName: displayname of the trains
allowPlayerTake: true Can the train take player?
requirePoweredMinecart: false Is a powered minecart required?
trainCollision: true Can train collide.
keepChunksLoaded: true Should chunks keep loaded?
speedLimit: 0.4 Speed Limit of the Train.
slowDown: true Should train slow down? You can power it with boosters like gold block.
allowManualMovement: false Allow manual movement
   mobs: PUSH
   players: PUSH
   misc: PUSH
   train: LINK
What happens with the Train when it collides with an entity. Possible options can be seen on this page
owners: [] Owners of the trains.
ownerPermissions: [] Permissions of the owner.
tags: [] Tags of the trains
allowPlayerEnter: true Are player allowed to enter the train?
allowPlayerExit: true Are player allowed to exit the train?
isPublic: true Is it a public train?
pickUp: false Should the train pick up nearby blocks?
   ==: Vector
   x: 0.0
   y: 0.0
   z: 0.0
 exitYaw: 0.0
 exitPitch: 0.0
Set a special exit place where users are teleported when they leave the train.
blockBreakTypes: [] Which blocks breake the minecart?
destination: Destination of the train.
enterMessage: Message when someone enter the train.
spawnItemDrops: true spawn dropped items?