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Custom servers/Bukkit/TrainCarts/Signs/Transfer

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Multiple transfer signs lined up

TrainCarts allows you to transfer items from carts to blocks and the other way around. For example, if you want to pick up items from a chest or want to put items back into a chest. This is called 'item transferring', it is done through a single sign.
It can target chests, furnaces and dispensers, also multiple at once. There are several syntax rules active for this sign.


The second line sets exactly what to perform and at what radius to look for furnaces, chests and/or dispensers. The third and fourth lines set what items to transfer.

Blank Sign.png
collect chest
wood;64 stone
64 cobble

This example would look in a radius of 3 and deposit all items into the chest (the default distance set in the config.yml file is 2).

Blank Sign.png
chest in 3

Second line[edit]

It can target furnaces, chests and dispensers and transfer both ways. The second line sets exactly what to perform:

chest in
Items from the train are put into nearby chests
Minecart with Chest.pngArrow icon.pngChest.png
deposit chest
deposit c
chest out
Items from nearby chests are put into the train
Chest.pngArrow icon.pngMinecart with Chest.png
collect chest
collect c
dispenser in
Items from the train are put into nearby dispensers
Minecart with Chest.pngArrow icon.pngDispenser.png
deposit disp
deposit d
dispenser out
Items from nearby dispensers are put into the train
Dispenser.pngArrow icon.pngMinecart with Chest.png
collect disp
collect d
furnace in
Fuel and cookable items from the train are put into nearby furnaces
Minecart with Chest.pngArrow icon.pngFurnace.png
deposit furn
deposit f
furnace out
Items from nearby furnaces are put into the train Furnace.pngArrow icon.pngMinecart with Chest.png
collect furn
collect f
deposit cfd
Items from the train are first put into chests, then furnaces and then dispensers

Minecart with Chest.png Arrow icon.png Chest.png Furnace.png Dispenser.png

collect cfd
Items are put into the train, first from chests. then furnaces and then dispensers

Chest.png Furnace.png Dispenser.png Arrow icon.png Minecart with Chest.png

deposit fc
Items from the train are first put into furnaces, then into chests

Minecart with Chest.png Arrow icon.png Furnace.png Chest.png

Coal from nearby chests is put into the powered minecarts.

Chest.png Coal.png Arrow icon.png Minecart with Furnace.png

Third and fourth lines[edit]

You can set the items to transfer on these lines, delimited by ;-signs. You can set the item type name and id, an optional data value and an optional amount to transfer. Both lines are read as one row of items. Leaving these lines blank will cause it to transfer all items. These lines are not used for the fuel system, which takes only coal to fuel powered minecarts.