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The launcher sign, similar to the station sign, can launch trains and make them reach a certain speed. The distance over which the train slows down/speeds up and the direction to launch can all be specified. Launching at a speed of 0 will slowly put the train to a complete halt, similar to how stations stop trains. Note that the speed is not locked after launching is completed: you can still push the train around or stop it entirely.


Blank Sign.png
launch 10

First line[edit]

There is no difference between using [cart] or [train]. Remote control can also be used in combination with this sign.

Second line[edit]

launch followed up by an optional number. This number sets the distance to launch the trains at. The higher this number, the slower it will launch. Use only launch to instantly launch the train to the desired speed.

Third line[edit]

The speed to launch at. If left empty, it will launch at the speed specified in the configuration (launchForce). To put the train to a complete halt, use 0. To launch the train to a speed 0.5 higher than it was before, use +0.5. Similarly, to decrease the speed by 0.5, use -0.5.

Fourth line[edit]

Optionally you can specify the direction to launch here. By default it will launch in the same direction the train came.