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You can define items on multiple signs, including transfer, crafter, switcher and detector signs. All of them use the same syntax to parse items. Items are delimited by ;-signs and can be defined using multiple syntax rules.

The first number, if followed up by a space, x, or *, defines the amount of that item. Then the name, or type, of the item is defined. This can be done using the actual name or the item index value. Finally the sub-index is defined. You can use a characteristic word for the item type. For example, when you need a certain type of wool, you can use :red. You can also define the sub-index directly.

Item Shortcuts[edit]

In case you need to specify a lot of items at once (but the sign lacks space for it), you can define Item Shortcuts in the config.yml. By default, shortcuts for armor, weaponry, fuel, heatable and some others are defined there.


All wood
slab:1 Sandstone slab
5 stone
5 stone
6 of type 5 (wood)
All red wool
6 stone stairs
5 yellow wool
5 wool
5 wool of any color
an item shortcut set in the configuration

For a list of item integers, see Data values