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The enter sign lets nearby players and/or mobs into a train. It overrides the allowenter property on trains, which means you can deny players from entering the train manually while still allowing this sign to function.


Blank Sign.png
enter 3s
player mob

First line: [train] to enter into all minecarts of the train, [cart] to enter into minecarts individually

Second line[edit]

enter, followed up by the radius to look for players or mobs in blocks. When an s is added after the radius, the radius is fully spherical, otherwise it is cylindrical with height 1. So, if you do not want players/mobs above or below the minecart(s) to enter, leave out the s. If you do need this, add the s.

Third line[edit]

What type of entities this sign operates on. By adding mob mobs will enter, by adding player players will enter. When this line is left empty only players enter the minecarts. You can allow both mobs and players by appending them, for example player mob

Fourth line[edit]

Sets whether to look around the sign for players/mobs to enter, or whether to look around each individual minecart. By specifying 'yes/true' it will look around the sign, by specifying 'no/false' or by leaving the line empty it will look around each minecart.

Remote Control[edit]

You can remotely make trains take in passengers. Say your train is called train01, then you use the following on the sign:

Blank Sign.png
[train train01]
enter 5

Then it will teleport all players near the enter sign into the train named train01. Note that long-distance teleportation (between worlds or far away) will likely fail, so keep the RC sign near the train when using this.