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The ejector sign can eject (let exit) passengers of minecarts. You can place it at a station to eject the entire train in one go, or do it for carts individually.

The sign requires power to work.


Blank Sign.png

First line: [train] to eject all minecarts in the train, [cart] to eject minecarts individually

Second line: eject (eject at for ejecting at cords, third line: x/y/z)

Third line[edit]

Optional offset to eject players, relative to the minecarts. Offset 'axis' are delimited by '/'-signs. The first value sets the forward/backward offset, the second up/down and the third left/right.

Fourth line[edit]

Optional angle players look to after being ejected. The first value sets the 'yaw', the angle to look left and right (90 is straight ahead, 180 is to the right, 0 to the left and 270 is facing backwards). The second sets the 'pitch', the angle to look up (negative) and down (positive).

Remote Control[edit]

You can remotely eject trains too. Say your train is called train01, then you use the following on the sign:

Blank Sign.png
[train train01]