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Signs are directional, so you can expect the term direction to be used fairly often. Whenever you have to set a direction, you can pick from the following list.


Text Character Meaning
north n North
east e East
west w West
south s South
left l Left while looking at the text-side of the sign
right r Right while looking at the text-side of the sign
forward f Forwards while looking at the text-side of the sign
backwards b Backwards while looking at the text-side of the sign
upwards u Upwards the vertical rails
downwards d Downwards the vertical rails
none n Known as no direction, never activates, etc.

Other situations[edit]

Sign systems like the station and blocker sign support additional arguments on the sign. There you can set what to make the train do after a certain situation. The same formats described above can be used, the difference is that forwards and backwards now denote that relative to the train, and not to the sign. Forwards basically means continue in the same direction.