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In an attempt to fully support Minecart Mania's features, action blocks are introduced. Action blocks is an add-on for TrainCarts, which is included in the download. It is not a requirement to run TrainCarts, but the add-on does require TrainCarts.

Action blocks are dumbed-down versions of the Sign systems in the official TrainCarts. Instead of using signs, it is a certain block that behaves in certain ways. What block material performs what can be configured in the configuration of TrainCartsBlocks:


The blocks[edit]

It currently supports several blocks, all working in both directions and all working with on/off redstone physics. You can configure some action blocks to invert redstone power, just in case you want something to work without having to power the block. Permissions from the main TrainCarts are used as well, so you can deny players from building stations. This permission is active once the player tries to place a minecart track on top of an action block.

Station block[edit]

By default obsidian, it can stop trains when left unpowered. When powered again, it will launch trains into the previous direction, acting like the 'continue' of the sign version. If a train enters a powered station block, it will receive a boost.

Ejector block[edit]

By default iron, it can eject minecarts when powered. If unpowered, nothing happens.


By default gold, it can teleport trains up and down to another elevator block. It favors teleporting upwards above downwards. When powered, it will teleport the train, if not, nothing happens.