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    •  name: The resource location used for the dimension type. Required only when importing world settings.
    •  ultrawarm: Whether the dimensions behaves like the nether (water evaporates and sponges dry) or not. Also causes lava to spread faster and thinner.
    •  natural: When false, compasses spin randomly. When true, nether portals can spawn zombified piglins.
    •  coordinate_scale: The multiplier applied to coordinates when traveling to the dimension.
    •  has_skylight: Whether the dimension has skylight access or not.
    •  has_ceiling: Whether the dimension has a bedrock ceiling or not.
    •  ambient_light: How much light the dimension has, default is 0.5 in the demo file (for upper and lower bounds as well as precise effect[needs testing]).
    •  fixed_time (optional): Can be false or any integer from 0 to 24000. If this is set to a number, the time of the day is the specified value. However, in at least some worlds,[needs testing] false is interpreted as 0, giving constant sunrise. To ensure a normal time cycle, leave the attribute undefined (i.e, do not include it).
    •  piglin_safe: Whether piglins shake and transform to zombified piglins.
    •  bed_works: Whether players can use a bed to sleep.
    •  respawn_anchor_works: Whether players can charge and use respawn anchors.
    •  has_raids: Whether players with the Bad Omen effect can cause a raid.
    •  logical_height: The maximum height to which chorus fruits and nether portals can bring players within this dimension. This excludes portals that were already built above the limit as they still connect normally.[needs testing]
    •  infiniburn: A resource location defining what block tag to use for infiniburn.
    •  effects: Can be "minecraft:overworld", "minecraft:the_nether" and "minecraft:the_end". Effects determine the sky effect of the dimension. Setting to overworld makes the dimension have clouds, sun, stars and moon. Setting to the nether makes the dimension have thick fog blocking the sight, similar to the nether. Setting to the end makes the dimension have dark spotted sky similar to the end, ignoring the sky and fog color. If undefined, the value will be automatically set to "minecraft:overworld".