Crimson Forest

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The Crimson Forest is a red-themed biome in the Nether.


The crimson forest has warped and crimson fungi as well as huge crimson fungi scattered around the environment.

There are huge fungus structures that contain weeping vines hanging off them and may also have a few blocks of shroomlight. The floor of the biome is carpeted in crimson nylium, with crimson roots growing. Occasional patches of netherrack and red nether wart blocks are found scattered throughout the biome. In the ceiling, apart from glowstone clusters, there are sparse nether wart block stalactites with weeping vines growing.

Crimson forests have bright red fog and glazing particles are saw floating in the air.

Piglins, zombie pigmen and hoglins all spawn here; hoglins are found exclusively in this biome. It is the only nether biome where endermen do not spawn.


Upcoming Java Edition
1.1620w06aAdded the crimson forest.
Added hoglins, which can spawn in crimson forests.
20w07aAdded piglins, which can spawn in crimson forests.


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