Crafting/Decoration blocks

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Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Enchantment Table Book +
Diamond +

Painting Stick +
Any Wool

Torch Coal or
Charcoal +
Ladder Stick
Snow (layer) Snow
Iron Bars Iron Ingot
Wood Fence Matching Wood Planks +
Nether Brick Fence Nether Brick
Glass Pane Glass
Stained Glass Pane Matching Stained Glass
Ender Chest Obsidian +
Eye of Ender

Chest Any Wood Planks

Sign Any Wood Planks +
Item Frame Stick +

Cobblestone Wall Cobblestone
Mossy Cobblestone Wall Moss Stone
Flower Pot Brick

Trapped Chest Tripwire Hook +

Slime Block Slimeball

Armor Stand Stick +
Stone Slab

Furnace Cobblestone

Carpet Matching Wool
Anvil Block of Iron +
Iron Ingot

End Rod Blaze Rod +
Popped Chorus Fruit
Purple Shulker Box Shulker Shell +

Shulker Box Any Shulker Box +
Matching Dye

Banner Matching Wool +

Banner Matching Banner

Copies pattern; both banners must have the same base color, and the one that will have patterns printed onto it must have no preexisting patterns.
End Crystal Glass +
Eye of Ender +
Ghast Tear

Crafting Table Any Wood Planks

Bed Matching Wool +
Any Wood Planks

Wool color must match. Wood planks do not need to match.
Bed White Bed +
Matching Dye

White bed can be re-dyed using dyes.[Java Edition only]
Bed Any Bed +
Matching Dye

A bed of any color can be re-dyed using dyes.[Bedrock and Legacy Console editions only]
Jukebox Any Wood Planks +

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