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Crafting/Decoration blocks

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Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Torch Coal or
Charcoal +
Chest Any Planks

Painting Stick +
Any Wool

Crafting Table Any Planks

Ladder Stick
Oak Sign or
Spruce Sign or
Birch Sign or
Jungle Sign or
Acacia Sign or
Dark Oak Sign
Matching Planks +
Wood Fence Matching Planks +
Nether Brick Fence Nether Bricks [LCE only]
Nether Brick Fence Nether Bricks +
Nether Brick
[BEPS4 & JE only]
Jukebox Any Planks +

Snow Snow Block
Iron Bars Iron Ingot
Glass Pane Glass
Stained Glass Pane Matching Stained Glass
Stained Glass Pane Glass Pane +
Matching Dye
End Crystal Glass +
Eye of Ender +
Ghast Tear

Ender Chest Obsidian +
Eye of Ender

Cobblestone Wall Cobblestone
Mossy Cobblestone Wall Mossy Cobblestone
Andesite Wall Andesite
Granite Wall Granite
Diorite Wall Diorite
Sandstone Wall or
Red Sandstone Wall
Sandstone or
Red Sandstone
Brick Wall Bricks
Stone Brick Wall or
Mossy Stone Brick Wall
Stone Bricks or
Mossy Stone Bricks
Nether Brick Wall or
Red Nether Brick Wall
Nether Bricks or
Red Nether Bricks
End Stone Brick Wall End Stone Bricks
Prismarine Wall Prismarine
Trapped Chest Tripwire Hook +

Item Frame Stick +

Bed Matching Wool +
Any Planks

Wool color must match. Planks do not need to match.
Dyed Bed White Bed +
Matching Colored Dye

White beds can be re-dyed using dyes.‌[Java Edition only]
Bed Any Bed +
Matching Dye

A bed of any color can be re-dyed using dyes.‌[BedrockEducation and Legacy Console editions only]
White Bed Any Dyed Bed +

Removes the color from the bed.‌[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Carpet Matching Wool
White Carpet Any Dyed Carpet +

[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Furnace Cobblestone

Banner Matching Wool +

White Banner Any Banner +

Bleach can be used to remove the color of a banner, resulting in a white banner. This includes removing patterns from a white banner.‌[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Banner Matching Banner

Copies pattern; both banners must have the same base color, and the one that will have patterns printed onto it must have no preexisting patterns.
Slime Block Slimeball

End Rod Blaze Rod +
Popped Chorus Fruit
Shulker Box Shulker Shell +

Shulker Box Any Shulker Box +
Matching Dye

The shulker box retains its contents. If it was renamed on an anvil, it will also retain its name.
Underwater Torch Magnesium +

[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Blue Torch or
Red Torch or
Purple Torch or
Green Torch
Cerium Chloride or
Mercuric Chloride or
Potassium Chloride or
Tungsten Chloride +

Cerium Chloride: Blue
Mercuric Chloride: Red
Potassium Chloride: Purple
Tungsten Chloride: Green
[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Campfire Stick +
Coal or
Charcoal +
Any Log or
Any Stripped Log or
Any Wood or
Any Stripped Wood

Loom String +
Any Planks

Barrel Any Planks +
Any Wood Slab

[Java Edition only]
Barrel Stick +
Any Wood Slab

[Bedrock and PlayStation 4 editions only]
Smoker Any Log or
Any Stripped Log or
Any Wood or
Any Stripped Wood +

Lantern Iron Nugget +

Grindstone Stick +
Stone Slab +
Any Planks

Enchantment Table Book +
Diamond +

Hardened Glass Pane Aluminum Oxide +
Glass Pane +
Boron Trioxide
[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Hardened Stained Glass Pane Aluminum Oxide +
Matching Stained Glass Pane +
Boron Trioxide
[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Anvil Block of Iron +
Iron Ingot

Flower Pot Brick

Blast Furnace Iron Ingot +
Furnace +
Smooth Stone

Armor Stand Stick +
Smooth Stone Slab