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Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Block of Gold Gold Ingot

Wood Stairs Matching Planks
Cobblestone Stairs Cobblestone
Brick Stairs Bricks
Stone Brick Stairs Any Stone Bricks
Nether Brick Stairs Nether Bricks
Sandstone Stairs Any Sandstone
Quartz Stairs Any Quartz Block
Red Sandstone Stairs Any Red Sandstone
Purpur Stairs Any Purpur Block Can use purpur block and pillar interchangeably.
[Java and Bedrock editions only]
Purpur Stairs Purpur Block Can use purpur block only, not the pillar.
[Legacy Console Edition only]
Prismarine Stairs Prismarine
Prismarine Brick Stairs Prismarine Bricks
Dark Prismarine Stairs Dark Prismarine
Bricks Brick

Block of Diamond Diamond

Clay (block) Clay

Mossy Cobblestone Cobblestone +

Glowstone Glowstone Dust

Sandstone or
Red Sandstone
Sand or
Red Sand

Cut Sandstone or
Cut Red Sandstone
Sandstone or
Red Sandstone
Chiseled Sandstone or
Chiseled Red Sandstone
Sandstone Slab or
Red Sandstone Slab

Block of Emerald Emerald

Block of Quartz Nether Quartz

Chiseled Quartz Block Quartz Slab

Quartz Pillar Block of Quartz
Hay Bale Wheat

Bone Block Bone Meal

Magma Block Magma Cream

Magma Block
Concrete Powder Matching Dye +
Sand +
Stained Glass Glass +
Matching Dye
Block of Iron Iron Ingot

Bookshelf Any Planks +

Snow Block Snowball

Jack o'Lantern Carved Pumpkin +

White Wool String

Dyed Wool White Wool +
Matching Colored Dye

[Java and Legacy Console editions only]
Wool Any Wool +
Matching Dye

[Bedrock Edition only]
White Wool Any Dyed Wool +

[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Lapis Lazuli Block Lapis Lazuli

Stone Slab Stone Can use stone only, no variants.[Java and Bedrock editions only]
Stone Slab Any Stone Can use stone and its variants interchangeably.[Legacy Console Edition only]
Sandstone Slab Any Sandstone
Cobblestone Slab Cobblestone
Brick Slab Bricks
Stone Brick Slab Any Stone Bricks
Wood Slab Matching Planks
Nether Brick Slab Nether Bricks
Quartz Slab Any Quartz Block
Red Sandstone Slab Any Red Sandstone
Purpur Slab Any Purpur Block Can use purpur block and pillar interchangeably.
Prismarine Slab Prismarine
Prismarine Brick Slab Prismarine Bricks
Dark Prismarine Slab Dark Prismarine
Stone Bricks Stone
Mossy Stone Bricks Stone Bricks +

Chiseled Stone Bricks Stone Brick Slab

Melon Melon Slice

Nether Bricks Nether Brick

Red Nether Bricks Nether Wart +
Nether Brick

Planks Matching Log or
Matching Wood or
Matching Stripped Log or
Matching Stripped Wood
Dyed Terracotta Terracotta +
Matching Dye
Block of Coal Coal

Granite Diorite +
Nether Quartz

Polished Granite Granite
Diorite Cobblestone +
Nether Quartz
Polished Diorite Diorite
Andesite Diorite +
Polished Andesite Andesite
Prismarine Prismarine Shard

Prismarine Bricks Prismarine Shard

Dark Prismarine Prismarine Shard +
Ink Sac

Coarse Dirt Dirt +
Sea Lantern Prismarine Shard +
Prismarine Crystals

Sea Lantern
End Stone Bricks End Stone
Purpur Block Popped Chorus Fruit
Purpur Pillar Purpur Slab

Nether Wart Block Nether Wart

Dried Kelp Block Dried Kelp

Hardened Glass Aluminum Oxide +
Glass +
Boron Trioxide
[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Hardened Stained Glass Aluminum Oxide +
Matching Stained Glass +
Boron Trioxide
[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Wood Matching Log
Conduit Nautilus Shell +
Heart of the Sea

[Java and Bedrock editions only]
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