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Coral Fan

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Coral Fan
Tube Coral Fan.pngBrain Coral Fan.pngBubble Coral Fan.pngFire Coral Fan.pngHorn Coral Fan.png
Dead Tube Coral Fan.pngDead Brain Coral Fan.pngDead Bubble Coral Fan.pngDead Fire Coral Fan.pngDead Horn Coral Fan.png





Blast resistance

Coral Fan: 0
Dead Coral Fan: 0


Any tool




Yes (64)







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This page contains content on features that may be included in the next update.
These features have appeared in development versions, but the full update containing these features has not been released yet.

Coral fans are blocks that can only be placed underwater, on the 4 sides of blocks: north, south, west, east. They can also be placed on top of blocks.[Bedrock Edition only] Like coral blocks, they come in five variants.

Dead coral fans are variants of coral that comes in the same five variants as the other types.[Bedrock Edition only]


Coral fans and their dead variants can be instantly mined and will always drop themselves.

Natural generation[edit]

Coral fans naturally generate in coral reef structures in all editions, while dead coral fans only generate in Bedrock Edition.


Coral fans and dead coral fans can be used as a building or decoration block.

Block state[edit]

See also: Block states
Name Value Description

The direction in which the coral fan juts out from the block it is attached to.
For example, a coral fan facing north will be attached to a block to its south.


May 21, 2009 Notch expresses interest in a suggestion regarding corals by user "solarblade".
June 28, 2010 Notch mentioned on his blog: "I tried adding corals, but it’s really hard to draw a single block that looks like corals, since it’s really more about crazy amounts of variation and diversity. But I do know that the corals will have tiny fish particles around them."
Official release
October 5, 2012 Coral were jokingly teased in the fake snapshot 12marc40awesome, along with fish mobs and "fish blocks".
Upcoming Java Edition
1.13 18w11a Tube Coral Fan Revision 1.png Brain Coral Fan Revision 1.png Bubble Coral Fan Revision 1.png Fire Coral Fan.png Horn Coral Fan Revision 1.png Added coral fans. At this time, they could not generate naturally in coral reefs.
18w14b Renamed blue, pink, purple, red, and yellow coral fans to tube, brain, bubble, fire, and horn, respectively.
Tube Coral Fan.png Brain Coral Fan.png Bubble Coral Fan.png Horn Coral Fan.png Changed texture of all coral fans except fire coral fans.
18w16a Coral fans now generate naturally.
Bedrock Edition
? Dead Tube Coral Fan (floor).png Dead Brain Coral Fan (floor).png Dead Bubble Coral Fan (floor).png Dead Fire Coral Fan (floor).png Dead Horn Coral Fan (floor).png Coral fans can be placed on the ground.
1.2.14 build 1 Tube Coral Fan Revision 2.png Brain Coral Fan Revision 2.png Bubble Coral Fan Revision 2.png Fire Coral Fan Revision 2.png Horn Coral Fan Revision 2.png Added coral fans.
Dead Tube Coral Fan Revision 1.png Dead Brain Coral Fan Revision 1.png Dead Bubble Coral Fan Revision 1.png Dead Fire Coral Fan Revision 1.png Dead Horn Coral Fan Revision 1.png Added dead coral fans, a feature exclusive to Bedrock.
1.2.20 build 1 Tube Coral Fan.png Brain Coral Fan.png Bubble Coral Fan.png Fire Coral Fan.png Horn Coral Fan.png Coral fan texture changed.
Dead Tube Coral Fan.png Dead Brain Coral Fan.png Dead Bubble Coral Fan.png Dead Fire Coral Fan.png Dead Horn Coral Fan.png Dead coral fan texture changed.
Education Edition
1.4.0 Added coral fans.


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