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This article is about the ingot. For the ore, see Copper Ore. For the mineral block, see Copper Block.
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This page describes content that may be included in a future update.
This content has appeared in development versions, but the full update containing it has not been released yet.
This content is locked behind the experimental gameplay option in Bedrock Edition.
Copper Ingot
Copper Ingot JE2 BE1.png
Rarity color





Yes (64)

Copper ingots are metal ingots obtained from smelting copper ore.



Ingredients Crafting recipe
Block of Copper



Copper ingots can be obtained by smelting copper ore in a furnace or blast furnace.

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Copper Ore +
Any fuel


Mob loot[edit]


In Java Edition, drowned have a 5% (120) chance of dropping a copper ingot, 6% (350) with Looting I, 7% (7100) with Looting II, and 8% (225) with Looting III.‌[upcoming: JE 1.17]

In Bedrock Edition, drowned have a 11% (11100) chance of dropping a copper ingot, 13% (13100) with Looting I, 15% (320) with Looting II, and 17% (17100) with Looting III.‌[upcoming: BE 1.16.210]


Crafting ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Block of Copper Copper Ingot

[upcoming: JE 1.17 & BE 1.16.210]
Lightning Rod Copper Ingot

[upcoming: BE 1.16.210 & JE 1.17]
Spyglass Amethyst Shard +
Copper Ingot

[upcoming: JE 1.17]

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

NameNamespaced IDFormTranslation key
Copper Ingotcopper_ingotItemitem.minecraft.copper_ingot

Bedrock Edition:

NameNamespaced IDNumeric ID FormTranslation key
Copper Ingotcopper_ingot?


Upcoming Java Edition
1.1720w45aCopper Ingot JE1.png Added copper ingots.
20w46aCopper Ingot JE2 BE1.png The texture of copper ingots has been changed.
Crafting copper ingots from and into copper blocks now outputs/requires only 4 ingots.
21w05aDrowned can now rarely drop copper ingots when killed at the same rate Drowned used to drop gold ingots, making copper renewable.
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.16.210beta Ingot JE2 BE1.png Added copper ingots.


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