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Console Edition mentioned features

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A few features have been mentioned for inclusion in the Console Edition. These features are either currently planned for the next update or have simply been dropped or forgotten about.

Note that this page only documents features that were mentioned but are not yet in the game.

Combat changes[edit | edit source]

4J Studios mentioned they are working with Mojang on combat changes for console editions, but they have nothing to confirm yet. [1]

Wii U–Switch transfer[edit | edit source]

The ability to transfer worlds from the Wii U Edition to the Nintendo Switch Edition has been shown and is confirmed for an upcoming update. Unlike the PlayStation 4 Edition and Xbox One Edition, the transfer process does not upload a save to the Internet. Instead, the two consoles communicate over a local network.[2] This feature will only be able to transfer to the Nintendo Switch Edition, which is a Console Edition. It is unknown whether it will later be possible for Wii U worlds to be transferred to the upcoming Bedrock Engine Minecraft for Nintendo Switch.

References[edit | edit source]