Conduit Power

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Conduit Power
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Conduit Power is an area-of-effect status effect that combines Water Breathing, Night Vision (Only underwater), and Haste (Only underwater).


A player with Conduit Power receives all of the effects of the Water Breathing, Night Vision, and Haste status effects, meaning that their breath meter does not decrease, they can sleep in a waterlogged bed, they are able to see underwater, and their underwater mining speed increases for the duration of the effect. Despite Conduit Power being able to prevent drowning, it does not stack with Water Breathing, which means if the player has both effects, the Water Breathing will still tick down.[needs in-game testing]

The potency of Conduit Power exactly matches the potency of Haste. Conduit Power Ⅰ has an identical Haste effect as Haste Ⅰ. Conduit Power Ⅹ has an identical haste effect as Haste Ⅹ. Because the potency of Water Breathing and Night Vision do not change the power of the effect, only the Haste effect changes for the potency of Conduit Power.

Higher potencies of Conduit Power can only be obtained by using commands, and are not obtainable in Survival mode without using cheats.


Cause Potency Length Notes
Activated Conduit As long as the player is within a certain number of blocks from a conduit See Conduit § Conduit power for more details of exactly when and under what condition this effect occurs.

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

Effect Namespaced ID Numeric ID
Conduit Power conduit_power 29

Bedrock Edition:

Effect Namespaced ID Numeric ID
Conduit Power conduit_power 26


Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Namespaced ID


How Did We Get Here?Have every effect applied at the same timeA Furious CocktailHave all of these 26 effects applied to the player at the same time. This is a hidden advancement, meaning that it can be viewed by the player only after completing it.nether/all_effects


Java Edition
1.1318w15aAdded Conduit Power.
18w16aConduit Power now gives off a blue particles instead of orange particles.
Bedrock Edition
1.5.0beta Conduit Power.