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This feature is only available in Education Edition or when the "Education Edition" option in Bedrock Edition is enabled.
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Compounds are a type of item used in chemistry, which are created from combinations of various elements.


Compounds cannot be obtained in the creative inventory. They are only obtained by creating them in the compound creator. This is done by inserting a certain number of elements corresponding to the compound's chemical formula. Unlike most GUI blocks, the elements are not consumed.

List of compounds[edit]

Icon Compound Chemical formula Notes
Aluminium Oxide 23
Ammonia 3
Barium Sulfate 4
Benzene 66
Boron Trioxide 23
Calcium Bromide 2
Crude Oil 920 C9H20 is the chemical formula for nonane.
Glue (Cyanoacrylate) 552 C5H5NO2 is the chemical formula for methyl cyanoacrylate, one of the molecules used as the main component of cyanoacrylate glues; its condensed formula is CH2=C(CN)COOCH3.
Hydrogen Peroxide 22
Iron Sulfide
Latex 58 C5H8 is the chemical formula for isoprene, which polymers are the main components of natural rubber; its condensed formula is CH2=C(CH3)−CH=CH2
Lithium Hydride
Luminol 8732
Magnesium Nitrate 26 Condensed formula: Mg(NO3)2
Magnesium Oxide
Polyethylene 1020 Condensed formula: (C2H4)5
Potassium Iodide
Soap 18352 C18H35NaO2 is the chemical formula of sodium stearate, the most common soap.
Sodium Acetate 232
Sodium Fluoride
Sodium Hydride
Sodium Hypochlorite
Sodium Oxide 2
Sulfate 4


Icon Compound Chemical formula
Calcium Chloride 2
Cerium Chloride 3
Mercuric Chloride 2
Potassium Chloride
Tungsten Chloride 6

Natural compounds[edit]

Natural compounds are compounds which can be obtained naturally in Minecraft.

Icon Compound Chemical formula Natural source Method Notes
Charcoal 74 Wood Smelting The chemical formula C7H4O is sometimes used to describe the approximate composition of charcoal.
Ink 4 Squid Killing Squid FeSO4 is the chemical formula of iron(II) sulfate or ferrous sulfate, normally found complexed with water as a salt with the formula FeSO4·xH2O, and has been used in the manufacture of iron gall ink and other inks for centuries. In contrast, squid ink (and other cephalopod inks) is composed mainly of melanin and mucus, with an assortment of other compounds in a variety of concentrations dependent on the species.
Sugar 6126 Sugar Canes Harvesting and crafting C6H12O6 is the chemical formula of glucose and fructose, as well as a number of other simple sugars (common table sugar is instead sucrose, a complex sugar made of glucose and fructose with the chemical formula C12H22O11).
Water 2 Water Picking up in a bucket or glass bottle One of the easiest to obtain.


Garbage is considered a "compound", but the only way to produce it is to activate the Lab Table when its inputs aren't a valid recipe. It has no uses.


Certain compounds are used as ingredients in crafting or lab table experiments. Natural compounds have uses outside of chemistry, detailed in their respective articles.

Crafting ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Balloon Latex +
Matching Dye +
Helium +

[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Glow Stick Polyethylene +
Hydrogen Peroxide +
Matching Dye +

[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Hardened Glass Aluminum Oxide +
Glass +
Boron Trioxide
[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Hardened Glass Pane Aluminum Oxide +
Glass Pane +
Boron Trioxide
[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Hardened Stained Glass Pane Aluminum Oxide +
Matching Stained Glass Pane +
Boron Trioxide
[Bedrock and Education editions only]
Hardened Stained Glass Aluminum Oxide +
Matching Stained Glass +
Boron Trioxide
[Bedrock and Education editions only]
White Balloon or
Blue Balloon or
Brown Balloon or
Black Balloon
Latex +
Bone Meal or
Lapis Lazuli or
Cocoa Beans or
Ink Sac +
Helium +

[Bedrock and Education editions only]
White Glow Stick or
Blue Glow Stick or
Brown Glow Stick
Polyethylene +
Hydrogen Peroxide +
Matching Dye +

Light Gray Dye creates a glitched Glow Stick called[1].

Chloride coloring[edit]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Sparkler Chloride +
Magnesium +

Calcium Chloride: Orange
Cerium Chloride: Blue
Mercuric Chloride: Red
Potassium Chloride: Purple
Tungsten Chloride: Green
[Bedrock and Education editions only]

Lab table ingredient[edit]

Result Materials needed

Water ×3, Sodium Hypochlorite ×3
Heat Block
Heat Block
Iron, Water, Charcoal, Salt

Ice Bomb
Sodium Acetate ×4

Super Fertilizer
Ammonia, Phosphorus


Bedrock Edition
1.4.0beta Charcoal Revision 1.png Ink Sac Revision 1.png Sugar Revision 1.png Added compounds.
Education Edition
Charcoal Revision 1.png Ink Sac Revision 1.png Sugar Revision 1.png Added compounds.

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