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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.


First introduced

Java Edition 1.8 (Java Edition 14w06a)

Modifies a scoreboard objective with a "trigger" criterion.

trigger <objective> [<add|set> <value>]
Allows non-operator players to modify their own scoreboard objectives under tightly controlled conditions. Often used together with /tellraw to let players activate systems made by operators or mapmakers.
Required Arguments
An enabled scoreboard objective with the "trigger" criterion.
Optional Arguments
  • add – Adds value to the current value of objective.
  • set – Sets the value of objective to value.
If neither optional argument is used, the effect is the same as if add 1 had been entered.
Fails if the arguments are not specified correctly, if objective does not have the "trigger" criteria, or if objective has not been enabled for the player who executed the command.
On success, the value of objective is changed and objective is un-enabled for the player that executed the command.


Java Edition
1.814w06aAdded /trigger.