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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.


First introduced

Java Edition 1.8 (14w06a)

Modifies a scoreboard objective with a "trigger" criterion. Allows non-operator players to modify their own scoreboard objectives under tightly controlled conditions. Often used to let players activate systems made by operators or mapmakers.


trigger <objective>

Adds 1 to the current value of <objective>.

trigger <objective> add <value>

Adds <value> to the current value of <objective>.

trigger <objective> set <value>

Sets the value of <objective> to <value>.


<objective>: objective

Must be a scoreboard objective name.
An enabled scoreboard objective with the "trigger" criterion.

<value>: integer

Must be a 32-bit integer number. And it must be between -2147483648 and 2147483647 (inclusive).
Specifies the value to be set to or added to the objective.


CommandTriggerJava Edition
anythe arguments are not specified correctly Unparseable
if the objective does not exist Failed
if the objective isn't the "trigger" type
if executor is not a player
if executor isn't on the scoreboard objective.
if the objective has not been "enabled" for the player
On successChanges the value of the objective and the objective is un-enabled for the player.


CommandEditionSituationSuccess Count/execute store succeess .../execute store result ...
anyJava EditionOn fail000
On success11The score of the objective of the player after the command is executed.


Java Edition
1.814w06aAdded /trigger.