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First introduced

Java Edition Alpha v1.0.16_01

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This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Minecraft.
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This feature used to be in the game but has since been removed.
This article is about the /tp command before Java Edition 1.13. For the main command in Java Edition 1.13 and Bedrock Edition, see Commands/teleport.

Teleports entities (players, mobs, items, etc.).

The primary difference between this command and the /teleport command is that /tp uses coordinates relative to the teleported targets, while /teleport uses coordinates relative to the command's execution.

Although most commands can only affect chunks that have already been generated, /tp can send entities into chunks that have yet to be generated. If this happens to a player, then the chunks around and including that player's destination will be newly generated.


tp <destination player>
tp <x> <y> <z> [<yaw> <pitch>]
tp <target player> <destination player>
tp <target player> <x> <y> <z> [<yaw> <pitch>]


<target player>

Specifies the entity(s) to be teleported. Must be a player name, a target selector, or a UUID.
Permits entities other than players.

<x> <y> <z> (BE: destination: x y z)

Specifies the coordinates to teleport the target(s) to. <x> and <z> must fall within the range -30,000,000 to 30,000,000 (exclusive, without the commas), and <y> must be within the range -4096 to 4096, inclusive. May use tilde and caret notation to specify a position relative to the target's current position – an exception to tilde notation's usual rule of being relative to the executor of the command. /teleport can be used to teleport relative to executor of the command.

<destination player>

Specifies the entity to teleport the target(s) to. Must be a player name, a target selector, or a UUID.
Permits entity other than players.

<yaw> and <pitch>

Specifies the rotation.
For the horizontal rotation (yaw), -180.0 for due north, -90.0 for due east, 0.0 for due south, 90.0 for due west, to 179.9 for just west of due north, before wrapping back around to -180.0.
For the vertical rotation (pitch), -90.0 for straight up to 90.0 for straight down.
Tilde notation can be used to specify a rotation relative to the target's previous rotation.


Fails if the arguments are not specified correctly, if <target player> fails to resolve to one or more entities (named players must be online), or if <destination player> fails to resolve to a single entity (a named player must be online). Fails individually for each entity referenced by <target player> that is not in the same dimension as the <destination player>, if specified.

On success, teleports the targets to the specified destination.


  • To teleport yourself to Alice: tp Alice
  • To teleport all players to yourself: tp @a @s
  • To teleport yourself to x=100 and z=100, but three blocks above your current position: tp 100 ~3 100
  • To rotate the nearest player 10 degrees to the right without changing their position: tp @p ~ ~ ~ ~10 ~


Java Edition Classic
0.0.18aAdded /teleport.
server 1.7Added /tp, an alias for /teleport.
Java Edition Indev
0.31Removed all commands.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.16_01Re-added /tp.
Java Edition
1.814w03aAdded rotation arguments to /tp.
1.9.3pre1/tp no longer teleports the player to a y-coordinate outside the range -512 to 512.
1.1016w21bThe y-coordinate range of /tp is increased to −4096 to 4096.
Now the specified destination is relative to executor of the command, instead of the target's current position.
pre1Behavior is reverted back to 16w20a and previous versions.
1.1317w45a/tp is no longer different from /teleport now, and become an alias of /teleport.