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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

These commands manage scoreboard objectives, players, and teams.

scoreboard objectives (add|list|modify|remove|setdisplay)
... add <objective> <criterion> [<displayName>]
... list
... modify <objective> displayname <displayName>
... modify <objective> rendertype (hearts|integer)
... remove <objective>
... setdisplay <slot> [<objective>]
scoreboard players (add|enable|get|list|operation|remove|reset|set)
... add <targets> <objective> <score>
... enable <targets> <objective>
... get <target> <objective>
... list [<target>]
... operation <targets> <targetObjective> <operation> <source> <sourceObjective>
... remove <targets> <objective> <score>
... reset <targets> [<objective>]
... set <targets> <objective> <score>

See Scoreboard#Command reference for more information.


Java Edition
1.513w04aAdded /scoreboard.
1.13pre7Added /scoreboard objectives modify <objectiveName> displayname <displayName>.
pre8Added /scoreboard objectives modify <objectiveName> rendertype hearts, which makes health bars display as hearts, like this: .
Added /scoreboard objectives modify <objectiveName> rendertype integer, which makes health bars display as yellow numbers.
Objective names are now text components, not raw strings.
Bedrock Edition
1.7.0beta /scoreboard.

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