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This page describes an education-related feature.
This feature is available only in Education Edition or when enabling the "Education Edition" option in Bedrock Edition.
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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition and Education Edition.


Lets the player's agent right-click on the block in the specified direction.


place <slotNum: int> <direction: string>


slotNum: int

Specifies the slot number of block to be placed, slots are numbered from 1 to 27.

direction: string

Specifies the direction of Agent to place the block.
Must be one of:
  • forward to place the block on the front.
  • back to place the block on the back.
  • left to place the block on the left-hand side.
  • right to place the block on the right-hand side.
  • up to place the block on the top-hand side.
  • down to place the block on the bottom-hand side.


Fails if the arguments are not specified correctly or the specified slot was empty.

On success, returns if a block in the specified inventory slot was placed.


This basically places a block (ex: Place Stone Block) or a placeable item (ex: Place Oak Fence) from the selected inventory slot in the specified direction.

However, this doesn’t interact with things like doors, levers, and containers.

Additionally, when player specifies a slot which contains the following non-place-able items, this behaves as follows:

Place water/lava
  • Bucket
Till grass
Make a path
Spawn a mob
Dye something
Make a fire
Placeable material