Minecraft: Story Mode has now been discontinued. If you already own a copy, make sure you download it before June 25 before the servers go offline, or else you may not be able to in the future. See here for more details.


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Displays a message about yourself.

  • Java Edition
me <action ...>
  • Bedrock Edition
me <message: message>
Fails if any target selectors do not resolve to at least one online player, or if any named players are not online.
On success, sends a narrative message to the other players in the form of * <your_name> <message> (e.g., * Steve sneezes. or * Steve says hi.). If a multi-person target selector (e.g., @a) is used in the message, the list of names is formatted as "name1 and name2" for two players, or "name1, name2, ... and namen" for n players.


Java Edition
??Added /me.
Pocket Edition
1.0.5alpha /me.