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First introduced

1.3.1 (12w16a)
PE Alpha 0.16.0 (PE Alpha 0.16.0 build 1)

Kills entities (players, mobs, items, etc.).

  • Java Edition
kill <target>
  • Bedrock Edition
kill [target: target]
player|entity (BE: target: target)
Specifies the target(s) to be killed (including "non-living" entities like items, vehicles, etc.). Must be a player name or a target selector. In 1.13, the target(s) must be specified, or the command will not work. The target is not optional in command blocks, too.
Fails if player|entity fails to resolve to one or more entities (named players must be online).
On success, directly kills non-living targets, or inflicts 3.4 x 1038 void damage to living targets — even if they are protected by a high-level Resistance effect or by a Totem of undying — and issues the appropriate death message. Players and mobs killed this way drop loot, and slimes and magma cubes that aren't already of minimum size spawn smaller ones. Destroys boats, minecarts, loose items and experience orbs if they are targeted.
To kill yourself: kill[Bedrock Edition only] or kill @s
To kill the player Bob: kill Bob
To kill item entities: kill @e[type=item]
To kill all entities, including yourself: kill @e
To kill all entities but players: kill @e[type=!player]


Java Edition Alpha
v1.2.6 Added /kill.
Java Edition
1.6.1 13w24b The damage dealt by /kill is changed from 1,000 to 3.4×1038.
1.8 14w02a Added player|entity argument to /kill.
14w02c To fix MC-44371, /kill now directly kills non-living targets, rather than dealing 3.4×1038 void damage.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.16.0 build 1 Added /kill.