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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition and Education Edition.
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This page describes content that may be included in a future update to Bedrock Edition.
These features have appeared in Bedrock Edition development versions, but the full update containing these features has not been released for Bedrock Edition yet.

Kicks a player off the server.


  • Java Edition
kick <target> [<reason>]
  • Bedrock Edition
kick <name: target> <reason: message>


<targets> (BE: player: target)

Must be a player name or a target selector.
Entities other than players are not allowed.

<reason> (BE: reason: message)

A string that does not require quotation marks and can contain spaces.


Fails if <targets> is not online.

In success, forcibly disconnects <targets> from the server, displaying an optional <reason> to them.


Java Edition Classic
0.0.15a (Multiplayer Test 3)Added /kick.
Java Edition Indev
0.31Removed all commands.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.16Re-added /kick.
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.16.0beta /kick.