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First introduced

Java Edition 1.3.1 (Java Edition 12w17a)
PE Alpha 0.16.0 (PE Alpha 0.16.0 build 1)

Provides help/list of commands.

  • Java Edition
help [page|command name]
  • Bedrock Edition
help [command: CommandName]
help <page: int>
page|command name (BE: page: int or command: CommandName) (optional)
Specifies the page number of the command list or the command to provide help for. If not specified, defaults to 1 (the first page of the command list).
Fails if page is not a valid page number, or if command name is not a valid command name. Technically fails even if a valid command name is specified, although it displays the usage of the command.
On success, displays a page of the command list. Multiplayer commands are not displayed while in singleplayer, even when open to LAN players.
If a valid command name was specified, displays the usage for that command. For some complicated commands may show only the basic usage — additional information can sometimes be gained by attempting to type the command and using the auto-complete control (defaults to Tab ↹ key) to explore available options for each argument.
To display the first page of the command list: help
To display the third page of the command list: help 3
To display the usage for the help command: help help


Java Edition
1.3.112w17aAdded /help.
1.916w02aRunning /help in a command block now randomly uses a humorous phrase as the output.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.16.0build 1Added /help.