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First introduced

Java Edition 1.13.1 (18w31a)

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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.
This article needs updating.
Some of the information no longer applies to the latest version.

Force chunks to load constantly or not, forceload add, forceload query and forceload remove are three separated commands.


forceload (add|remove) <x1> <z1> [<x2> <z2>]
forceload remove all
forceload query [<x1> <z1>]
Specifies the selected chunk's x axis value.
Specifies the selected chunk's z axis value.
Fails if the arguments are not specified correctly.
On success:
  • add – forces the chunk at the <x1> <z1> position (through to <x2> <z2> if set) to be loaded constantly.
  • remove – unforces the chunk at the <x1> <z1> position (through to <x2> <z2> if set) to be loaded constantly.
  • remove all – unforces all chunks to be loaded constantly.
  • query – if chunk coordinates are given, says whether the specified chunk is force loaded; otherwise, lists which chunks are force loaded.


  • Cannot be run from a command block except for /forceload query. Datapacks are an exception and the player is able to forceload chunks via functions.
  • Coordinates are actually block coordinates. In order to forceload chunks 0,0 to 1,2, the player should use /forceload add 0 0 31 47, which loads chunks 0,0 to 1,2 (1,2 inclusive, 2 x 3 chunks).
  • When using /forceload add 0 0 10 30 chunks 0,0 to 0,1 are actually loaded (one chunk equals 16x16 blocks on x/z axis). However, /forceload query gives result in chunk coordinates.

Forceloaded Chunks[edit]

Forced chunks get load ticket with load level of 31, the same as ticket chunks get by being in player's chunk loading distance, which means that the said chunk processes all aspects of the game while adjacent chunks get activated by the ticket's spread but since it lowers its load level each time, adjacent chunks dont process every aspect of the game as well.

  • Note that mobs will not spawn, if the chunk is far away from player, but the chunk still process entities.


Java Edition
1.13.118w31aAdded /chunk.
pre1Renamed /chunk to /forceload.
1.14.4pre4/forceload is now available up to permission level 2.