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Revokes operator status from a player.

  • Java Edition
deop <player>
  • Bedrock Edition
deop <player: target>
player (BE: player: target)
Specifies a player to remove from the list of operators. May be either a player name or a target selector, but target selectors will not evaluate; only actual player names will produce a useful result.
Always succeeds if restrictions are satisfied. If player matches a name on the list of operators, the name is removed from the list and any player by that name no longer has operator status.
To remove Steve from the list of operators: deop Steve


Java Edition Classic
0.0.15a (Multiplayer Test 3)Added /deop.
Java Edition Indev
0.31Removed all commands.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.16Re-added /deop.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.16.0build 1Added /deop.