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First introduced

Java Edition 1.3.1 (12w27a)

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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.

Starts or stops a debugging session.


debug (start|stop|report)



Starts a new debug profiling session.


Stops the active debug profiling session.


Used to get more detailed information while debugging performance. Saves information in the .minecraft\debug folder in the form of a zip file.


Fails if trying to start a debug session when one is already active, or if trying to stop a debug session when none is running.

On success, starts or stops the debug session. While active, includes notifications about potential performance bottlenecks in the console. When stopped, creates a profiler results file in the folder "debug".

File structure[edit]

When using /debug report, a .zip file is created with the following structure:[more information needed]

  • debug-report-<year>-<month>-<day>_<hour>.<minute>.<second>.zip
    • levels
      • minecraft or <other custom namespaces>
        • overworld or the_end or the_nether or <other custom dimensions>
          • block_entities.csv: Contains a list of block entities in the world in the format x,y,z,type.
          • chunks.csv: Contains a list of chunk information in the format x,z,level,in_memory,status,full_status,accessible_ready,ticking_ready,entity_ticking_ready,ticket,spawning,entity_count,block_entity_count.
          • entities.csv: Contains a list of entities in the world in the format x,y,z,uuid,type,alive,custom_name.
          • example_crash.txt: An example crash file.
          • stats.txt: Contains some statistics.
    • classpath.txt: Contains the file paths of the external jars Minecraft uses.
    • example_crash.txt: An example crash file.
    • gamerules.txt: A plain text file containing a list of game rules and their values (<gamerule>=<value>).


Java Edition
1.3.112w27aAdded /debug.
1.814w31a/debug can now be run in single-player.
Added /debug chunk.
?Removed/debug chunk.
1.1318w03aAdded commands to the profiler.
1.14.4pre1Added /debug report, used to get more detailed information while debugging performance.