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First introduced

Java Edition 1.13.1 (Java Edition 18w31a)

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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.
This article needs updating.
Some of the information no longer applies to the latest version.

Force chunks to load constantly or not, forceload add, forceload query and forceload remove are three separated commands.


forceload (add|remove) <x1> <z1> [<x2> <z2>]
forceload remove all
forceload query [<x1> <z1>]
Specifies the selected chunk's x axis value.
Specifies the selected chunk's z axis value.
Fails if the arguments are not specified correctly.
On success:
  • add – forces the chunk at the <x1> <z1> position (through to <x2> <z2> if set) to be loaded constantly.
  • remove – unforces the chunk at the <x1> <z1> position (through to <x2> <z2> if set) to be loaded constantly.
  • remove all – unforces all chunks to be loaded constantly.
  • query – says whether the specified chunk is force loaded or not if chunk coordinates are given.[more information needed]


Cannot be run from a command block except for /forceload query.
Here is a comparison between spawn chunks, ticking areas,‌[Bedrock Edition only] and force-loaded chunks:‌[Java Edition only]
Property Spawn chunks Ticking areas Force-loaded chunks
Number of areas supported 1 10 256
Position Centered on world spawn point Specified by player, by /tickingarea Specified by player, by /forceload
Size 17×17 maximum (289 chunks) Specified by player; 1 to 100 chunks Specified by player, 1 to 256 chunks
Dimensions where usable Overworld Any Any
Crops grow No Yes No
Leaves decay No Yes No
Grass and mycelium spread No Yes No
Ice forms and melts No Yes No
Hostile mobs spawn >128 blocks from player No Yes Yes[verify]
Passive mobs spawn >240 blocks from player No Yes Yes[verify]
Explosions break blocks in nearby chunks No Yes Yes


Java Edition
1.13.118w31aAdded /chunk.
pre1Renamed /chunk to /forceload.
1.14.4pre4/forceload is now available up to permission level 2.