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This page contains content on features that may be included in the next update.
These features have appeared in development versions, but the full update containing these features has not been released yet.


First introduced

1.13 (18w05a)

Creates boss bars and allows them to be modified.

  • bossbar add <id> <name> will create a boss bar.
    • id is used to target the boss bar and is in the form namespace:name, for example: foo:bar. If no namespace is specified it defaults to minecraft.
    • name is the display name of the boss bar and only accepts a JSON text component.
  • bossbar set <id> name <name> will change the name of the boss bar.
  • bossbar set <id> color <color> will change the color of the text (if no color was specified as part of a text component) and the boss bar, defaults to white.
  • bossbar set <id> style <style> will change the style of the boss bar, defaults to progress.
    • Available options are: notched_6, notched_10, notched_12, notched_20, and progress.
    • notched will set the amount of segments.
    • progress will set the amount of segments to 1.
  • bossbar set <id> value <value> will change the current value of the boss bar, defaults to 0.
  • bossbar set <id> max <max> will change the maximum value of the boss bar, defaults to 100.
  • bossbar set <id> visible <visible> will change the visibility of the boss bar, defaults to true
  • bossbar set <id> players <players> will change which players can see the boss bar, defaults to none.
  • bossbar remove <id> will remove the boss bar.
  • bossbar list will display a list of created boss bars.
  • bossbar get <id> (max|players|value|visible) will return the requested setting as a result of the command
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