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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.

The command_storage_<namespace>.dat files are GZip'd NBT files located in the data folder in a savegame. They store information about the /data command storage in the world. Each namespace in the storage has its own data file.

Folder Structure[edit]

  • (world save directory)
    • data
      • command_storage_<namespace>.dat

Multiple command_storage_<namespace>.dat files may be present in the data directory.

NBT structure[edit]

  • The root tag.
    •  DataVersion: The data version in which this file is saved.
    •  data: The actual saved data.
      •  contents: Contains all the data storage under the namespace of the command storage.
        •  <name>: The data associated with a particular id <namespace>:<name>.
          • Custom content as set by the /data or /execute store commands.

Muitiple compound tags of different names may exist under  contents tag.


Java Edition
1.1519w38aAdded command storage data for the level.