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Command storage format

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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.
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This page contains content on features that may be included in the next update to Java Edition.
These features have appeared in Java Edition development versions, but the full update containing these features has not been released for Java Edition yet.

The command_storage_<namespace>.dat files are GZip'd NBT files located in the data folder in a savegame. They store information about the /data command storage in the world. Each namespace in the storage has its own data file.

Folder Structure[edit]

  • (world save directory)
    • data
      • command_storage_<namespace>.dat

Multiple command_storage_<namespace>.dat files may be present in the data directory.

NBT structure[edit]

  • The root tag.
    •  DataVersion: The data version in which this file is saved.
    •  data: The actual saved data.
      •  contents: Contains all the data storage under the namespace of the command storage.
        •  <name>: The data associated with a particular id <namespace>:<name>.
          • Custom content as set by the /data or /execute store commands.

Muitiple compound tags of different names may exist under  contents tag.


Upcoming Java Edition
1.1519w38aAdded command storage data for the level.