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Yes (64)

Data value

dec: 347 hex: 15B bin: 101011011



Keep track of the scary time! A craftable watch lets you know when it's safe to emerge from the caves.
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Clocks are items that display the current in-game time by displaying the sun and the moon's position relative to the horizon.



A single clock can be bought from a librarian villager for 10 to 12 emeralds as part of their tier 3 trades.


Ingredients Crafting recipe
Gold Ingot +
Redstone Dust

Natural generation[edit]

Clocks can be found in 7.7% of shipwreck map chests in stacks of 1.


Clock animation

The clock dial consists of two halves, a day side and a night side. The dial spins slowly to indicate the time of day, corresponding to the sun or moon's actual position in the sky. The player is able to sleep a few seconds after the clock shows exactly dusk.

The dial can be read from a clock in any of its representations: held in a player's hand, placed in any inventory or crafting grid, in an item frame, and even as a dropped item.

Because there is no day/night cycle in the Nether or the End, clocks do not work properly in these dimensions. Instead, the dial rotates rapidly and randomly, making them useless.


Note: This video doesn’t state that Clocks can be found in buried treasure.


Java Edition Alpha
v1.2.0 Added clocks. Unlike most items the clock combines 2 textures, one being the actual clock, and the other, the dial. So the player may change the clock's texture without worrying about breaking the dial, as long as they do not change the transparency.
Java Edition
1.3.1 12w21a Librarian villagers now sell clocks for 10–11 emeralds.
1.5 13w02a The clock uses one texture and uses the new animation feature included in texture packs.
1.8 14w02a Librarian villagers now sell clocks for 10–12 emeralds.
1.13 17w47a Prior to The Flattening, this item's numeral ID was 347.
18w14a Clocks can now be found in Shipwreck Map Rooms.
Pocket Edition Alpha
? Added clocks, with no function or legitimate method of obtaining.
0.8.0 build 2 Clocks are now functional and craftable.
Updated the clock texture.
Pocket Edition
1.0.4 alpha Librarian villagers now sell clocks for 10-12 emerald.
Bedrock Edition
1.4 beta Clocks can now be found inside map room chests in shipwrecks.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU11.0Patch 11.0.1 Added clocks.


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  • In the Java Edition, a clock can be viewed under the item statistics page as long as one obtained a clock at some point. It can also be viewed in recipe book if the recipe for it has been unlocked.
  • When the time of day changes suddenly, such as after sleeping or when /time is used, the clock dial will spin rapidly to catch up.
  • After completing 100 day-and-night cycles in the Legacy Console Edition or Bedrock Edition, the player is awarded an achievement, and on the Xbox 360 Edition, they are also awarded a miniature clock wristwatch for the Xbox Live avatar to wear.