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Java Edition

Release date

June 20, 2009


Server not archived

Other editions of 1.5
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1.5 was a Classic server version released with client 0.0.19a on June 20, 2009.[1]


  • Allow players to send most admin commands via stdin.
  • Added chat throttling.
    • Players who spam the chat will get muted for eight seconds.
  • Added movement throttling.
    • The server will not process more than a single move command per tick.
    • Stand still to catch up if it's lagging.
  • Added max-connections to
    • This is the maximum number of connections per IP to the server.
    • Defaults to 3.


  1. "Client 0.0.19a is up, a server update is required" – The Word of Notch, June 20, 2009.