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Classic 0.25 SURVIVAL TEST

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Classic 0.25 SURVIVAL TEST.png
Release date

September 3, 2009



Protocol version

Data version

0.25 SURVIVAL TEST is a version of Classic released on September 3, 2009.[citation needed] This version is unavailable in the launcher.


  • The ability to save and load files.
  • Pigs now drop mushrooms
  • Skeletons now fire arrows
  • The player now spawns with a limited amount of arrows
  • Score


  • Mobs are now "more dangerous"
  • Arrows deal more damage
  • Killing skeletons makes arrows drop
  • Mobs now respawn over time
  • Lone mobs die[more information needed] over time
  • Monsters fight each other (If a skeleton shoots another skeleton, they battle to the death)