Classic 0.0.23a_01 (remake)

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0.0.23a 01 (remake).png
Release date

May 7, 2019

Written in


Remake of

Java Edition Classic 0.0.23a_01


To celebrate 10 years of Minecraft, a JavaScript remake of Classic 0.0.23a_01 was uploaded to the Minecraft website. This version can be played at[1]


The inventory with all available blocks


  • Blank.png Air
  • Grass Block Revision 2.png Grass Block
  • Stone Revision 1.png Stone
  • Dirt Revision 1.png Dirt
  • Oak Planks Revision 3.png Planks
  • Rose.png Rose
  • Dandelion Revision 1.png Dandelion
  • Water Revision 2.png Water
  • Oak Sapling Revision 2.png Sapling
  • Cobblestone Revision 3.png Cobblestone
  • Bedrock Revision 1.png Bedrock
  • Sand Revision 1.png Sand
  • Gravel Revision 2.png Gravel
  • Oak Log Axis Y Revision 1.png Wood
  • Oak Leaves Revision 2.png Leaves
  • Red Mushroom Revision 1.png Red Mushroom
  • Brown Mushroom Revision 1.png Brown Mushroom
  • Lava Revision 2.png Lava
  • Gold Ore Revision 1.png Gold Ore
  • Iron Ore Revision 1.png Iron Ore
  • Coal Ore Revision 1.png Coal Ore
  • Block of Gold Revision 1.png Block of Gold
  • Sponge Revision 1.png Sponge
  • Glass Revision 2.png Glass
  • Red Cloth.png Red Cloth
  • Orange Cloth.png Orange Cloth
  • Yellow Cloth.png Yellow Cloth
  • Chartreuse Cloth.png Chartreuse Cloth
  • Green Cloth.png Green Cloth
  • Spring Green Cloth.png Spring Green Cloth
  • Cyan Cloth.png Cyan Cloth
  • Capri Cloth.png Capri Cloth
  • Ultramarine Cloth.png Ultramarine Cloth
  • Violet Cloth.png Violet Cloth
  • Purple Cloth.png Purple Cloth
  • Magenta Cloth.png Magenta Cloth
  • Rose Cloth.png Rose Cloth
  • Dark Gray Cloth.png Dark Gray Cloth
  • Light Gray Cloth.png Light Gray Cloth
  • White Cloth.png White Cloth


  • Spawned by pressing G.

World generation[edit]

  • Generated terrain with hills and lakes, with small caves under the surface.
Generated structures


  • Placing and destroying blocks; switch between the two by pressing use.
  • Available to play with up to nine other players, but was temporarily disabled on May 8, 2019 due to performance issues.[2]
  • Press B to open.
  • Find and select all the different blocks available.