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Chorus Tree
Chorus Tree.png

End Highlands

Consists of
Can generate in
existing chunks

Yes, when a chorus flower is planted on end stone and left to grow.

Chorus trees are plant-like structures that generate in the outer End islands.


Chorus trees generate on the outer islands of the End, in End highlands. They are formed in tall, coral-like patterns. They are the only source of chorus fruit and chorus flowers. The player can grow a new chorus tree by planting a flower on a block of endstone.


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They consist of chorus stems and chorus flowers. A chorus flower generates at the top of each branch.


Java Edition
1.915w31aAdded chorus trees.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha chorus trees.


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  • The smallest possible fully-grown chorus tree (assuming the growth is not obstructed) would have 5 chorus plants.