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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Earth.
The character creator menu in Bedrock Edition.
The character creator menu in Minecraft Earth.

The character creator is a feature in Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Earth that lets players customize their skins with free and paid-for cosmetic items. It can be accessed by selecting the character profile button on the main menu. It can also be used to equip capes. Many clothing items cost Minecoins (Tokens on PlayStation 4), or can be earned by completing certain achievements.



Name Image Rarity
Alex BaseAlexBody.png Common
Steve BaseSteveBody.png
Slime SlimeBaseBody.png Rare
Elderly Texture ElderlyTextureBaseBody.png Common
Basic Texture BasicTextureBaseBody.png
Freckled FreckledBaseBody.png
Slender Skin SlenderSkinBaseBody.png
Brawny BrawnyBaseBody.png
Vitiligo Skin VitiligoSkinBaseBody.png


Name Image Rarity
Alex's Hair HairAlexBody.png Common
Steve's Hair HairSteveBody.png
Very Long Hair Uncommon
Mo-quaff Common
Half Up, Half Down
Natural Curls
Low Ponytail
Short Slick Hair
Low Bun
Medium Braids
Short Braids
Curly Ponytail
Long Braid
Side Swept
Long Waves
Wizened Locks
Pixie Cut
Short Dreadlocks
Long Dreads
Retro Bob
Spiky Fade
Short Waves
Short Centerpart
Balding Short
Short Coils
Curly Bob
Short and Straight
Long Curls
Spiked Front
Straight and Long
Dreadlock Ponytail
Double Buns
Slicked Back
Curly Pigtails
Standard Ponytail


All eyes are Common.

Name Image
Standard Stare EyesStandardStare.png
Side Glance
Third Eye
Simple Square
Deep Gaze
Right Eye Only
Sudden Blush
The Cyclops
Heavy Eyebrows
Bushy Eyebrows
Delighted Gaze
Skeptical Glare
Straight and Tall Eyes
Left Eye Only
Crying Eyes
Battle Scar
Large Eyelashes
Googly Eyes
Steely Stare
Large Eyes
Closed Eyes


All mouths are Common.

Name Image
Alex's Mouth MouthAlexBody.png
Steve's Mouth MouthSteveBody.png
Large Frown
Shy Blush
Big Gain
Gap Tooth
Tongue Out!
Wide Smile
Extra Wide Smile
Large Smile
The Dot
Closed Gain

Facial Hair[edit]

All facial hairs are Common.

Facial Hair
Name Image
Braided Beard
Mutton Chops
Handlebar Mustache
Medium sized Beard
Soul Patch
Chin Strap
Bushy Beard
Trimmed Mustache


Arms are independent of each other.

Name Image Rarity
Steam Punk Arm Rare
Trailblazer Arm Uncommon
Prosthetic Leg Common
Rose Bush Arm Rare
Prosthetic Arm Common
Hook Hand Uncommon
Beacon Arm Rare
Prosthetic Forearm Common
Big Metal Arm
Tree Trunk Arm
Redstone Arm Uncommon


Legs are independent of each other.

Name Image Rarity
Steam Punk Leg Rare
Prosthetic Blade Common
Blast Furnace Leg Rare
Prosthetic Foot Common
Peg Leg Uncommon
Prosthetic Leg Common
Big Metal Leg
Redstone Leg Uncommon
Trailblazer Leg
Tree Trunk Leg Common




Name Image Rarity
Alex's Shirt ShirtAlexStyle.png Common
Steve's Shirt ShirtSteveStyle.png
Lava Dress Uncommon
Lumberjack Shirt LumberjackShirtStyle.png
Bullseye Top BullseyeTopStyle.png
Nether Hunter Top
Graduation Gown
Rebellious Top
Black Mesh Tee
Strappy Top Common
Collared Blouse Uncommon
Kitty Top
Birch Shirt
Spruce Shirt
Oak Leaf Tee
Flowery Sundress
Vintage Blouse
Frilly Shirt
Striped Tee Shirt
Basic Orange Tee Common
The Boiler Rare
Hancok Uncommon
Vibrant Hanbok
White Shirt and Vest
Street Rags Common
Skyship Mechanic Top Uncommon
Romantic Button Up
Simple Sari Common
Fancy Sari Uncommon
Tie Dye Shirt
Greenish Cardiganish Common
Tuxedo Tee Shirt Uncommon
Sci Fi Shirt
Basic White Tee Common
Sleeveless Red Dress Uncommon
Heart Breaker
White Tuxedo Jacket
Ornate Zhiduo
Decorated Daxiushan Rare
Tangzhuang Common
Formal Qipao Uncommon
Cozy Rat Turtleneck
Lantern Glow Shirt Common
Festive Kurti Uncommon
Robo Suit Rare
Cozy Sweater Uncommon
Ugly Holiday Sweater Rare
Gingerbread Blouse
Bee Shirt! Common
Nutcracker Coat Uncommon
Bee Costume! Rare
Fancy Holiday Top Uncommon
Santa Shirt
Party Dress Rare
Camo Shirt Uncommon
Bear Sweater
Shirt and Tanktop
Creeper Jersey
Strappy Tank Common
Turtleneck Sweater Uncommon
Argyle Vest
Spooky Mantle Rare
Fairy Blouse Uncommon
Sweater Dress
Night Mage Cloak Rare
Dashing Tunic
Royal Tunic Uncommon
Rope-tied Dress Common
Diver Jacket Rare
Tanktop Common
Starlight Gown Rare
Ruffled Shirt Common
Lacy Dress
Simple Tunic
Checkered Cuff Top
Engineer's Shirt Uncommon
Peasant Dress
T-Shirt Common
Tuxedo Waistcoat Uncommon
Cable Knit Sweater
Ranger's Tunic
Bow Sleeved Blouse
Cherry Bomb Tee
Off Shoulder Top
Warp Tunic Common
Hunters Vest Uncommon
Long-sleeved Tunic Common
Belted Tunic
Dress Shirt
Flannel Shirt
Baseball Tee
Farmer's Shirt Uncommon
Polo Shirt
Hooded Jacket
Leather Jerkin
Tattered Tank Top Common
Polka Dot Shirt Uncommon
Slick Vest and Tie
Pleated Dress Common
Sleeved Crop Top Uncommon


Name Image Rarity
Alex's Pants PantsAlexStyle.png Common
Steve's Pants PantsSteveStyle.png
Magma Overalls Rare
Cowpoke Chaps BottomCowpokeChapsStyle.png
Tool Belt Trousers BottomToolBeltTrousersStyle.png Common
Nether Hunter Trousers Uncommon
Edgy Trousers
Edgy Shorts
Mine-archy Trousers
Birch Skirt Common
Spruce Trousers
Oak Trousers
High Waisted Shorts
Gray Sweatpants
Ripped Jean Shorts
Bell Bottoms Rare
Overall Shorts Uncommon
Pantaloons Common
Gadgeteer Trousers
Engineer Breeches Uncommon
Corset and Skirt
Steam Punk Skirt
Space Leggings
Pink Tutu Rare
Tuxedo Trousers Uncommon
Paper Lantern Skirt
Dragon Pants Rare
Festival Skirt Uncommon
Lantern Glow Trousers Common
Robo Trousers Rare
Robo Leggings Uncommon
Fishnet Tights
Fluffy Green Pants Common
Gingerbread Trousers Uncommon
Snow Pants Rare
Gingerbread Skirt
Elf Skirt
Nutcracker Trousers Common
Santa Trousers Uncommon
Santa Skirt
Fancy Holiday Trousers
Camo Pants
Spooky Trousers
Dark Leggings Common
Buckled Skirt Uncommon
Plaid Pants
Cuffed Pants
Fairy Skirt Rare
Royal Breeches
Tattered Pants Common
Capri Pants
Comfy Shorts
Rogue's Pants Rare
Diver's Pants
Buttoned Skirt Common
High Pinstripes Uncommon
Seer's Skirt Rare
Bow Midi Skirt Uncommon
Banded Skirt Common
Colonial Trousers Uncommon
Field Overalls
Miner Overalls
Nether Pants Rare
Basic Skirt Common
Canvas Shorts
Engineer Pants Uncommon
Skirt and Leggings
Adventurer Pants
Shorts and Tights
Rough Pants Common
Red Trim Pants
Baggy Pants Uncommon
Dress Slacks
Gym Shorts Common
Blue Jeans
Braies Pants Uncommon
Cargo Pants
Rebellious Pants
Ripped Jeans


Name Image Rarity
Lava Necklace Rare
Emerald Suitcoat
Cowbell Necklace Uncommon
Cake Apron
Nether Hunter Mantle
Graduation Stole
Cute Belt
Dark Monk Robes Rare
Mine-Archy Jacket Uncommon
Rainbow Scarf
Fancy Kimono Rare
Swoopy Cardigan Uncommon
Raincoat Rare
Climbing Harness Common
Gardening Apron Uncommon
Mine-Archy Jacket
Overgrowth Rare
Wrist Jacket Uncommon
Zipped Jacket
Lily Pullover
Cowpoke Vest
Lady Bug Cloak
Creeper Hoodie
Glided Pocket Watch Common
Aeronaut Coat Rare
Short Leather Jacket Uncommon
End Explorer Suit Rare
Cyber Jacket
Green Shawl Common
Ghillie Suit Rare
Snow Jacket
Heavy Weight Champ
Fur Cloak
Blue Changpao Common
Cresent Moon Beizi Rare
Simple Grey Hoodie Common
Sci Fi Vest Uncommon
Firework Jacket
Cowpoke Belt
Pea Coat
Jolly Llama Shawl
Festive Scarf
Holiday Boa Rare
Santa Capelet Uncommon
Simple Belt Common
Blue Trench Rare
Oversized Scarf
Emerald Necklace
Two Tone Hoodie Uncommon
Blue Denim Jacket
Chain Necklace Common
Gold Chain
Nether Coat Rare
Monster Costume
Zombie Jockey Harness
Traveler's Cloak Uncommon
Rogue's Tunic
Pickaxe Surcoat
Poncho Common
Simple Cardigan
Puffy Jacket Rare
Zip-Up Hoodie Uncommon
Leather Jacket Common
Cropped Jacket
Tool Suspenders Rare
Basic Hoodie Common
Bathrobe! Uncommon
Canvas Jacket
Open Button Up Common
Wool Scarf
Simple Vest
Golden Collar Rare
Tuxedo Jacket Uncommon
Diamond Pendant


Name Image Rarity
Magma Phones Rare
Lava Crown
Fisherman Hat Uncommon
Wolf Mask Rare
Conductor Hat Uncommon
Chefs Hat
Glub Glub Rare
Miner Headband
Plague Doctor Mask
Diamond Crown
Enchanters Hat Uncommon
Nether Hunter Hood Common
Graduation Cap Uncommon
Bunny Ears
Dark Monk Hood
Rainbow Beanie Rare
Pink Headband Common
Visor Cap
Umbrella Hat Rare
Spring Headband
Hydranger Buns
Lily Hat
Flowery Sunhat
Fancy Spring Hat
Lady Bug Antenna Common
Watermelon Hat Rare
Fancy Veil
Black Head Scarf Common
Archer Hat Rare
Patka Common
Bowler And Specs Rare
Aeronaut Cap Uncommon
Vibrant Patka Common
Gol Dastra
Cyber Implant Uncommon
Medusa Wig Rare
Ghillie Hat
Heart Crown
Everyday Turban Common
Ornate Headdress Rare
Giant Hair Ribbon Uncommon
Dragon Horns Rare
Flower Hairpin Common
Dragon Headpiece Rare
Rat Ears Uncommon
Robo Helmet Rare
Cowpoke Hat
Fuzzy Winter Hat
Jolly Llama Headband
Antler Headband Uncommon
Nutcracker Hat Rare
Bee Antennae!
Santa Hat
Pom Pom Beanie
Camo Hat Uncommon
Ski Mask
Brown Winter Hat
Shades Up!
Fluffy Earmuffs Rare
Earflap Hat Uncommon
Curved Horns Rare
Dino Head!
Zombie Jockey Mask
Monster Mask
Antenna Headset
Cat Ears Uncommon
Pulled Back Hood
Diver's Helmet Rare
Directors Hat Common
Miner's Helmet Rare
Fedora Uncommon
Long Headscarf
Tattered Straw Hat
Wide Brim Hat
Headscarf Common
Fancy Top Hat Rare
Stretchy Headband Common
Backwards Cap Uncommon
Bandana Common
Simple Beanie
Bow Headband Uncommon
Wolf Ears
Coif Common
Drivers Hat
Royal Crown Rare
Flower Crown Uncommon
Peasant Hood
Diamond Tiara Rare


Name Image Rarity
Magma Gloves Rare
Wrist Spikes Uncommon
Fishnet Gloves Common
Signed Left Arm Cast Uncommon
Signed Right Arm Cast
Golf Gloves Common
Leaf Gloves Uncommon
Gardening Gloves
Laced Grips
Steam Punk Gloves
Cyber Glove Rare
Right Arm Cast Common
Left Arm Cast
Lucky Bracelet
Sci Fi Gloves Uncommon
Lucky Envelopes
Big Fuzzy Mittens Rare
Snowflake Mittens
Rings and Bracelets Uncommon
Zombie Jockey Gloves Rare
Monster Gloves
Bangles Uncommon
Claw Hands Rare
Wristwatch Common
Fingerless Gloves
Golem Fists Rare
Leather Bracers Uncommon
Boxing Gloves Rare
Charm Bracelet Common
Wrist Wraps Uncommon
Small Gloves Common
Stitched Gloves Uncommon
Long Gloves Common


Face Item[edit]

Back Item[edit]

Name Image Rarity
Vex Wings Rare
Archers Quiver Uncommon
Bunny Tail
Ornithopter Wings Rare
Steampunk Gear Uncommon
Big Catch
Icarus Wings Rare
End Explorer Winch
Cyber Exoskeleton
Cupid Wings
Year of the Rat Trail Common
Paper Lantern Rare
Dragon Tail Uncommon
Sci Fi Tank
Lizard Tail
Nutcracker Key
Cat Tail Common
Spooky Wings Rare
Fairy Wings
Wolf Tail Common


Name Image Rarity
Giddy GiddyEmotesthumb.png Rare
The Elytra TheElytraEmotesthumb.png
Hooray! Uncommon
The Woodpunch TheWoodpunchEmotesthumb.png Rare
Foot Stomp! FootStompEmotesthumb.png Uncommon
Victory Cheer
Disappointed DisappointedEmotesthumb.png Common
Golf Clap GolfClapEmotesthumb.png
Sad Sigh SadSighEmotesthumb.png Uncommon
Chatting ChattingEmotesthumb.png Common
Breakdance BreakdanceEmotesthumb.png Rare
Over Here! OverHereEmotesthumb.png Uncommon
The Pickaxe ThePickaxeEmotesthumb.png Rare
Diamonds To You! DiamondsToYouEmotesthumb.png
The Hammer TheHammerEmotesthumb.png Uncommon
Over There! OverThereEmotesthumb.png Common
Simple Clap SimpleClapEmotesthumb.png
Wave WaveEmotesthumb.png


Name Image Rarity
Founder's Cape CharacterCreatorsFoundersCape.png Legendary
The Pan Cape! CharacterCreatorsPancape.png


Bedrock Edition
1.13.0beta the character creator code, which may be accessed only with external programs or add-ons.
beta character creator is now accessible without external programs.
releaseThe character creator is now able to add the founder's cape to the player's Marketplace skins and local skin packs, but custom skins are currently bugged.[1] Custom skin packs still worked.
1.13.1The founder's cape can now be applied to custom skins.
1.16.0beta creator now has new animations known as emotes.
releaseCharacter creator items and emotes can now be earned by completing certain achievements.