Cave game tech test

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Cave game tech test
Cave game tech test.png
Official name

Cave Game tech demo[1]

Release date

May 10, 2009



Cave game tech test[2] is the name of a video released by Notch on 13 May 2009. While the version shown was never publicly available to play, it was developed from May 10, 2009,[3] and showcased on May 13, 2009. It is the first known version of Minecraft, or Cave Game, as it was referred to in this time period.


  • Physics
  • Caves: This was a very odd version. It reached down until a few blocks before the last layer of cobblestone, making a ravine.
  • Creative mode: This was an extremely basic version of it. The player could not fly or place blocks and there was no inventory or hotbar to get them from.
  • The player
    • Currently have no visible model.
    • 1.7 meters (5 ft 7 in) tall.
  • Air (not listed internally as a block at this time).



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